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The seller on Amazon is called "Powermove" although it is fulfilled by Amazon, that's why I asked. I don't know if they are supposed to be Oriveti or an authorized dealer.
Is the seller an authorized reseller or just a random third party seller? In the Oriveti website it says that Amazon is an authorized reseller but the only seller I see there is a third party.
Are these easy to drive? And where can you buy them in the USA? There is only one seller on Amazon and is a third party fulfilled by Amazon.
Depending on when the updated Vyrus gets released, I would actually advise people to hold on to buying these. And if there is an exchange/upgrade scheme going I will take advantage of it. As much as I like them, the cable situation was a nightmare, requiring me to get two replacement cables from Trinity. The cables are truly the weak point in them.
I finally got new/working cables from Trinity and immediately put them on my Sabre. I absolutely love them and I was reminded why I supported this company so much in the first place. I really hope there will be an upgrade to them specifically (not the new Master) because I would love to have them with the new cable system.
Yes if you get the new version.
I imagine that the changes brought on by the modification to the Atlas/Delta provoked a change on the release date. I think that it would be better for Trinity just to give a "safe" date for release instead of just keep pushing the date around. I don't mind waiting if I won't have the same issues as with the Sabre and Vyrus, but I would prefer to be told that the release date is March at once instead of this (I truly believe we won't see the Atlas/Delta before the new...
Will there be an update for the Sabre like there is one coming for the Vyrus or is the Master that update? Will there be an upgrade program for it and the Vyrus if yes?
So both coupons get us the same deal?
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