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So i just got my new VSD3S from LMUE. Impressions to come at a later date, but here are some pictures.
I see that you have Dunu's dual driver iem as well. I recently bought it when they went on sale at LMUE for US$88. Which one would you say is the better value? Just curious.
For those interested, I have both the VSD1 and GR07 BE, and I'm waiting for the arrival of my new VSD3S, so I can write comparisons with them.
Well, my VSD3S red-blue has been shipped and are on their way. Now the waiting game begins.
It was a mistake on LMUE part. But since it was their mistake, they will honor the price so I got the VSD3s red and blue for only $45.
Weird, I just bought the red and blue VSD3s but just got charged $45. LMUE seems to have made a mistake with the pricing and corrected it almost immediately, but my order went through before that.
Errm... You do know that Audio-Technica is a Japanese company, not a ‘western one,' right?
We'll, I'll be waiting for the preorder for the VSD3 in 10 days then. Hopefully it'll be worth it.
I wonder who actually has the right information. LMUE is a VSonic authorized reseller, but their information seems to condradict what I have been hearing about the VSD3/VSD3S these last few months.
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