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I just got my new VSDS3 in red/blue and I have to admit that the new built quality has simply blown me away. I had the original VSD3 in the same color combination (with detachable cables) that I ended up selling, and the built improvements are obvious. The shells now join seamlessly unlike in the original where I could actually notice the glue on them. Great upgrade from a built quality point of view.
Are there any pictures of the finished Vyruses available?
This exactly. Thanks for explaining better than I did :-)
The connector on the cable with the wire has become lose and is coming off, now it basically moves around freely. [IMG]
I originally liked the red filters, but as I said before in some songs the bass could be massive. Now I go back and forth between the orange and gold. Depending on mood and/or songs they are both winners in my book. Haven't tried the gunmetal or purple filters yet.
Yes I am talking about the Sabres, and the connectors have the little piece of plastic so you put it in the right way. There was a little space when I connected the cables to the drivers that a lot of people were commenting on, and I finally decided to reconnect mine and now they just sit flush.
After reading about the cables I disconnected and reconnected the cables to the earpieces and what do you know, they actually sit flush now. It doesn't required strength so much as aligning the two prongs with the holes correctly.
I have to say, with the red filters and even the orange ones, the bass in some songs can be massive with the Sabre. I'm starting to favor the gold filters myself.
Yes, there is no difference in sound among the same colors. The difference in lengthy only helps with insertion and fitment.
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