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I had three cables die on me and I wasn't abusing them, is definitely an issue with them. I have an Atlas/Delta on preorder as well so I'm hoping I will not run into any issues. As I said my Vyrus had been great, but my Sabre have been an entirely different story.
The cable/connections are the weak point in their products, although is not auniform problem. My Vyrus have never developed any issues, but my Sabre had to be replaced because of the issues with the connectors as well as the issues with the cables. Hopefully with their new products they finally won't have any more issues.
Well, I figured out and is not the driver but the connector on the left earpiece. Basically if I DON'T push the cable all the way in I will get sound. Sadly, the only way to use the Sabre is if I don't move. There is a sweet spot that I have to hit for the sound to come in. Obviously the issue is with the female connector of the piece (driver) itself, not the cable, so I have to replace the piece regardless. I can't walk at all with them, the sound becomes intermittent and...
This is my third pair, and I had both cables and drivers fail on me (trust me, I already tried it on on my other cables). I have been unable to enjoy my Sabres because of quality control issues, and I don't want to be contacting them every few weeks because of it. Maybe I just happened to be unlucky, but this is my third piece ,first one had a weird resonance plus serious driver flex issue, the second one splitted open, both were replaced but now the left one died on me.
And now the left driver on my Sabre has failed. To say I am beyond disappointed is an understatement. And before anyone start with telling me that failure rates happen with all companies, this is my third pair. Both cables and drivers have failed now in a matter of months, and having an Atlas Delta coming this doesn't give me confidence. I really, really wanted to continue supporting this company, but I can't at this point. I will cancel my other order.
The only issue I have found with this iem is the connectors. The right driver connects and disconnects easily enough, but the left driver is a very, very tight fitting, to the point that I have to use a small piece of clothing to disconnect them (I came across the same issue with the Titan 3 but both sides are tight on that iem). Is not a mayor concern as I don't connect and disconnect my cables often, but still something worth mentioning. Has anybody come across this...
These are probably the most comfortable, easy to wear ies that I have ever owned. They are small, weight almost nothing, are super easy to drive and sound great for the price (a much better deal than the Shure 215, and I would definitely recommend them over them).
Yeah, Oriveti just contacted me and said this: "Hi, Alvaro, Yeah, POWERMOVE is our authorizd seller on Amazon in USA. It's no problem to purchase. Regards, Marco Lin ORIVETI "
Thanks, I am interested in their products but if I am going to pay full retail price I want to make sure I get the warranty from them. By the way, how do you contact Oriveti? I didn't find a way to do it in their website unless I missed it somehow.*never mind, I found their email and contact page.
Sorry, not to be obstinate but, has this been confirmed by Oriveti directly? Their website says to make a warranty claim you have to contact the reseller directly, and I didn't see a way to contact Oriveti in their site and this seller only has a couple of reviews.
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