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Actually, that's the status of my order on their page.
Same here, order status: awaiting shipment.
Preordered the vsd2s, had the vsd1, liked it, but was curious about the 1s sound. Plus with the free AN16 it was a no-brainer. It seems that most people are going for the 2s though.
They'll need a form of ID and the paper they left at your door.
Awesome, could you tell me when the production run with the O rings will be available? I think I'll feel better purchasing that run. Thanks.
They already look to have superior construction to the VSonics..
??????????? Two reviewers pointed it out, that's why I am asking.
wrong thread.
I was wondering because some of the reviewers addressed this issue, and it is the only thing kind of keeping me from pulling the trigger on these.
Some people have complained about the filters loosening easily when changing tips and even when taking them on off, does anybody know if this issue has been corrected?
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