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On my iTouch I put it at half the total volume. I suppose it would be the same with an iPhone.
I just want a non mick version, and was wondering if all westone aftermarket cables fit the beta or if it is a specific model.
Does anybody have any experience with aftermarket cables for these headphones? I'm looking for a cable without a mick.
From BeachCamera and Buydig, both authorized dealers. You can buy from them from their eBay and Amazon stores.
Wow, for $59 I couldn't resist. This will be my new "commuter" earphones.
How easy are the betas to drive? From a tablet or an itouch?
I have a couple questions about the dje 1500. How easy/difficult are they to drive? I run my music from my itouch, laptop and tablet, and don't like to use amps, so I prefer my gear to be on the easy to drive side. Also, does anybody know if Amazon is a authorized dealer? they have the cheapest price online for the white version, but I couldn't find their name in the Pioneer website, and usually Amazon is an authorize dealer for most stuff, but apparently Pioneer doesn't...
Actually, that's the status of my order on their page.
Same here, order status: awaiting shipment.
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