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I think the Teaks should take care a' ya very nicely - and hey, this coming the "Audeze Jihadist"  Now - the LCD-2 is still one of my faves
NIICE  I'm LOVIN' the CEntrance DACportable.I think it could be Goodmans best-sounding Amp/DAC YET!!
oh man - NICE!!!!! When I threw my new DHC on my ETHER-Cs w/ the Questyle CMA600i headphone amp/DAC - DAAAAM! I usually don't shy away from saying the maker of the cable I was using prior to DHC just for giggles - but, this time Peters leadmade such a dramatic difference I don't wanna say what the other lead was! But this is simply magical
  Realizing how grand this combination is again!! My Audeze LCD-XCs (haven't used these in a LONG time) via Moon Audio Silver Dragon - and the microStreamer!! Using Amarra for TIDAL as source - WICKED
  I really dig the Mytek ahead of my LC.   I'm gonna be givin' the Brooklyn a try. YEAH!!
Nosaj Thing - NO REALITY   
DHC, and the work that Peter does - actually convinced me that, more-so than analog interconnects or loudspeaker cables - headphone leads are perhaps the most crucial - as the transducers right next to your ear!Difference over the stock cable?!?!?!  LMAOt!!   
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