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here's a nice pic I snapped from last year w/ @warrenpchi @bearFNF& @HiFiGuy528Givin' a Head-Fi Gang-Sign Throw-Up at breakfast!!! 
 YES!!!  and, Impressions coming! I'm goin' over my notes from the Cavalli portable and Liquid Carbon - never ANY type of what I would call "strain" on my ears,and I had a pre-production Carbon to play with for awhile like Warren - ONLY difference was a mod to chassis for Ground so the sonic performance was same...MORE ON THAT SOON! LCD-4 - wow I got alot to say, and it ain't mostly good - unfortunately - but, they CAN MAKE IT GREAT - I think, given the magnets, given the...
Yes we are always reaction to music played-back, despite the format or the gear/vehicle!!I JUST pulled into the driveway,Gonna decompress for a bit and then get some impressions and pix up!In the meantime:A big SHOUT-OUT to Warren, Jude, Bob, Ethan, and others like Gilly87 and Stillhart!!This year has been a strange and tough one, but getting back to CanJam and kickin' it with good friends whileGeeking out on gear hit the spot!!And I gotta new writing gig!!!!Many people...
GREAT advice!! pumped to see ya'll there!Be there Sat. morning  rockin' some cool stuff...like: ETHER-CsAstell-Kern AK380Questyle QP1RCEntrance HiFi-Skyn+ DACPortHDand, of course, my SubPac S2!!!!  gonna be a BLAST 
and i'm rockin mine RIGHT NOW!!! JUST finished writing up my annual T.G.I.RMAF piece over at OccupyHifi... Been TOO LONG Head-Fi Fam!Can't wait to see all of you in Denver. THANX TO ALL THE HEAD-FIERS who sent me messages of support during the divorce and all that SH___.It really meant alot to me, as I've been telling Cavalli Portable + my ETHER Cs....DROOL
Sorry guys!I got all set-up for the comparisons (gonna do ETHER C And LCD-XC) but I got called out for a meeting in Santa Monica!I'll give you my findings ASAP!!
Settin' up right now to get back to ya on that... I can answer based on memory, and feel good about it- but I'd rather do a quick A/B to expand on my thoughts. GREAT question, and as always, I would caution anybody on drawing conclusionsbased on my findings merely because it's always about system synergy!  So I'm about to A/B using my HRT microStreamer, Questyle CAS192/Violectric HPA V200 stack- and then my Questyle QP1R DAP just to take some quick notes with different...
Thanks manGREATLY appreciated sorry to jump off-topic real quick ya'll!
I'm with ya there Jude!!!and GREAT job on this piece as always brotha. And it's also great to be back on Head-Fi!!!!Sorry fellas - man divorce is NUTZ - especially cuz I'm 40-yrs old & I've been w/ Alexandra half my life!! So I'll be sporadic for awhile - but this Community means a great deal to me, so I gotta jump back in when I can. And, as I said above - I'm with Jude on these cans buckin' the trend! I've always preferred an open-back brethren  - but the Cs just got...
Thom Yorke thru ETHER, Double Helix Cables (balanced) and the AK380... Sonic BlissOut
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