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HEY!!YES you did!! SO sorry for the delay guys - family crisis.. Tryin' to catch up!!
I can't thank you enough.I put a great deal of work into the open-back Impressions here (and I need to keep the bills paid - but this community does in fact mean a great deal to me) - and in my Impressions Sessions piece for ETM!  Hey - you can't please everybody - but as some of these cats said - no need to throw sticks and stones!! I put my heart into everything I do - and if you don't agree with my findings, NO worries!We're all individuals.   Wow Guys, With the madness...
The Schiit Vali (hybrid) is great w/Em!Starting my formal impressions of the EL-8 closed-backs,Still got the fam in crisis - but think this will be a welcome distraction!!I'm ON IT
Me too -Some issues, but sonically - YEAHstill wth my fam - will have DETAILED Impressions of my closed-back EL-8s hereASAP!!
THANXand I AM having serious problems w/ the stock cables comin loose all the time.but the current pair I have has wonderful - extended sub-bass, where the 1st pair did not.It felt like there was a whole octave missing - not w/ this pair -But I need DHC or something on those cans!Cuz right now I H8 the sync cables!!!🙏We're havin a family meeting - but I got LOTS to report.
I got word some of U guys thought my silence means I DONT LIKE THE CLOSED-BACK EL-8s. Right now - will be up in here ASAP, to clarify, Those who know me KNOW IM INCAPABLE of misleading when I'm spittin' - from the HEART. Which I always do here. GOOD R BAD I'll follow-up ASAP
Hey Everybody, PLS accept my utmost apologies for not being here in the Thread for DEEP. I DID get a bad pair of EL-8s at CanJam - and I shared about it - but NOT HERE. I got a 2nd pair on MON. This community means a lot to me, But I've been dealing with a family crisis of the highest order.
The front desk     updated pic of The Sonic Satori Personal Audio Lab comin...
hold on... respondin' ASAP.....
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