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James Blake's "Limit to Your Love" the 45rpm single from the UK is the best pressing!!
that was a BLAST! Love Andy   SO psyched to finally have LAYLA - and write about the new 13   - and I'm gonna get to compare my OG JH-13 Pro Freqphase to the new 13!!! CRAZY - that was the first headphone I ever wrote about, I think in 09...   Hearing their new 13 on my AK380 - DAMN! It's amazing to hear how far we've come!!!!   Since this article - where I called the OG JHAudio IEMS "earbuds" LOL:    
now I can't do SINE without DHC
Gettin' DOWN to work tonight!! Workin' away on this story for Positive Feedback - a sort of personal audio journey I've been wanting to tell for a while now, bout a product that's been embraced by this community - this one's very special to me...   here's the lab as I got ready to listen and type away:
I've got both the DSP and iDSP for me, who went to work for HRT YRs ago because I loved their OG MusicStreamer - the iDSP (needing a CCK - it sounds good, but its plastic and clunky) and DSP don't represent - IMHO - what HRT can really do! I've used my iDSP and DSP on many occasions - and as good as they sound, I'd LOVE to have an MS on my iPhone instead   
I'm IN guys!!!   Psyched to see Everybody back in the Bay!!  
NIICE! Yeah Kevin used to recommend using a Y-splitter for the MS. I would LOVE to see Kevin make a NEW VERSION OF THE MS - set-up like the COZOY Aegis - because, its almost as if the COZOY is what HRT would've built if Kevin didn't have his accident.Kevin was in a really bad biking accident you guys. He's OK now - but it was a serious ordeal -  plus: HRT did the Stage system (their powered speaker system) and I'm not sure how well that's gone for them. That's such a...
SWEET! I need new JH Audio impressions - and Andy told me to go see Thomas - but I'm psyched to come down to The Source for another event.   I gotta get my original JH-13s fixed - and get new ones for some LAYLAS!!!  YEAH HOOH 
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