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OH manI'm sorry bout that! I'd call em you never know 
I was pumped to see you got one!!That amp still BLOWS MY MIND more often than any other.PLUS: I'm also really enjoying my Pioneer SE-A1000s (w/ @warrenpchi Mod) on the LC!!
thanks so very much for this note!! Yeah Bruce and I are close friends, and it was a mutual decision.We actually hung out yesterday!! He enjoyed it, and shared it - that meant everything to me.And thanks for the comments on the "straight-laced" - to be brutally honest I'd like to be able to do that sometimes.But I just gotta lead with my heart
there was, I heard from a couple dealers - a bad batch of Virtuosos! They ALL had noise issues in that batch, sounded plausible Mine is still quiet 
SORRY TO BE OFF-TOPIC - BUT WHAT YOU'RE WONDERING ABOUT THE LAu  - it inspired me to write this lil' story about it: Unfortunately I don't think there will be a successor to the LAu.Lets hope the guys can pull it off!!!! I LOVE my Cavalli LAu - it's still my FAVE reference-level headphone amp - next to my Cherished E.A.R HP4- and Tim Depraving of E.A.R fame heard the Liquid Gold and HE LOVED IT!Warren and I had to, sorta', screen for him! LAO. Older audiophile sycophants...
OFF-TOPIC!Utmost apologies in-advance As a reviewer that, YES, bought my Beloved Cavalli LAu (sure, I got accommodation - it still HURT)I feel obligated to say: Though system synergy is ALWAYS a huge factor that too many people overlook in picking gear- If you can afford an LAu, or, can save and it take months: I had the Crimson for awhile too - and, IMHO, while its got the Cavalli magic:it's not Liquid Gold-Reference Level when the LAu set-up optimally:Not merely...
Just busted-out my Virtuoso again - and havin' a terrific listening sesh!! I have the Questyle Gold Edition CAS192D DAC (ROGERS Ceramic boards - + THE WORKS - amazing kit) for a bit and wanted to put the Burson on it.   LOST in Radiohead right now...  
here's the portable system I've been using the most lately:Questyle QP1R - Double Helix Cables - Audeze SINEFOR TRAVEL My iPhone 6 runnin' TIDAL w/ Audeze Titanium EL-8 + CIPHER DAC/AMP/DSP cable...On-The-Go (isolation & SIRI is even more responsive w/ CIPHER)
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