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I've been using them practically non-stop since I got them. They're awesome! My only complaint is that the bass is a little "muddy" at times, specially in heavier songs. Do you think using the reversed 414 pads will improve this?
Finally, I decided to get the Grado SR80i. They'll be here by Friday. So excited!
Bump Price lowered
Hi! I would like to purchase a pair of Grado SR80is in good condition. If you would like to sell them, please send me a PM with the asking price. I have Paypal.
I'm selling my pair of Koss PortaPro because I barely use them. I got the ATH-AD700 shortly after I bought these, so I didn't use them for too long. They're like new, and come with the vinyl travel bag. $25, includes Paypal and shipping to US or Puerto Rico. (Click to view larger)
Now I've narrowed it down to the SR80i and MS1i. Everyone says they're both great with metal, so I can't go wrong with neither of them, but I'm a little worried that the MS1i might be too neutral
Quote: Originally Posted by outlawdon Depends on your taste in sound and music. There is NO better, just preference. You've read all the threads (Differences between SR80s and MS1s? - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio) so you know the strengths and weaknesses of each model. I haven't heard the MS1 but I love my SR80's low end punch, tightness and accuracy and overall fun factor. With quarter modded comfies over PX100 pads, it's...
Thanks for your responses. Someone suggested the Alessandro MS1 instead of the Grado SR80. I know there are countless threads comparing these two headphones, but I wanted to ask what's your opinion about this before making a final decision.
Hello everyone: I decided to buy the Grado SR225, but then I read in several threads that the difference between the SR225 and SR80 is not that big to justify the $100 difference. Is that true? For now, I'll be using a 5th Gen 30GB iPod and a MacBook as sources and as an amp, I have a fiio E5. Thanks in advance!
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