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Hello everyone: I own a pair of Grado SR80i and although they sound good directly plugged to my iPod, I've read they can sound even better when amped. I'm also planning to upgrade up the Grado line, so I was wondering: which amp would be recommended for Grado headphones? I'm looking for an amp that I can use with my SR80i, but also with future purchases (like the SR225i).
Wow! Thanks for taking the time to write this. The water method for removing the cups worked great, really easy and fast. I damped the plastic inner chamber with felt and put blu-tack (some people have used this instead of the damping device) on the back of the driver magnet. The only thing I'm a little scared to do is poking holes in the back of the driver felt because I don't know exactly how many and in which position. Where should I start with this?
I've been reading a lot about the D2000s and people have nothing but praise for them. Plus, apparently they perform well with rock and metal. I've also read that the Beyerdynamic DT250s are great cans too. Have any of you guys tried them both?
Thanks for the suggestions. Most of my music is in 320 kbps and I'm using bowls (didn't like the comfies).    I'll try the felt mod and using the EQ to tone down the treble and see what happens. Like I said, I like the sound of these headphones but they're too bright and in some cases the vocals and musical details get lost between the guitars.     Quote: Which Denon and Ultrasone models would you recommend? Since I'm not using an amp at the moment, they have to be easily...
I'm very interested in getting a pair too. Are the ATH-M50's good with rock and metal? Are they too bass heavy?
  Which Sennheiser would you recommend?   I liked the SR80, but it's just too bright for me. Are the Alessandro MS1 and SR225 more balanced?     
I listen mostly to rock and metal (bands like Rammstein, Muse, HIM, Led Zeppelin, Opeth, Apocalyptica, AC/DC, etc) and after reading countless threads, I decided to get a pair of Grado cans. I ended up buying a pair of SR-80i, and although they sound really good with the type of music I listen to, they are too bright at times and I can't listen to them for more than 2 hours (I think they're fatiguing). So my question is: which headphones should I try next? I don't care...
I own both of them, and they're both great headphones. Yes, the AD700s are more comfortable, but the SR80is are comfortable too, you just have to adjust them. For my music taste (I listen mostly to rock and metal) the SR80is are better. I remember the first time I tried them and listened to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd I was blown away (which makes me wonder how amazing could the SR225i be lol). The AD700s have a huge soundstage and are great for classical, acoustic...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheMiddleSky then just try reverse mod HD414 pad or bowl pad, it'll remove that muddy instantly Which one do you think will be better: HD414 pads reversed or bowl pads?
Quote: Originally Posted by TheMiddleSky what pad are you using now? bowl? or comfy? Comfy
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