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Hello everyone:   To make my long story short, I own a pair of Grado SR-80i and Audio Technica AD700, but for some reason I'm more comfortable wearing IEMs, and although it might seem a little strange, I've been using a cheap pair of Sony IEMs I bought last minute for a recent trip a lot more than the others. So, I've decided to invest in a good pair of IEMs (budget: $100-$120 max). One of the main reasons is that I listen to a lot of music through my iPod outdoors...
Wow... just wow... Actually, I'm speechless! I assume the person who put them up for sale saw them, thought they were old (beacuse of Grado's retro look) and said: "We'll be lucky if we can sell them for a few bucks". It reminded me of the old couple that had a Michelangelo painting worth $300 million behind their living room sofa for 27 years...
Hello everyone.   I've owned a pair of Grado SR 80i for about 8 months and I love them. At first I wasn't too convinced, but after a few simple mods and hours of burn in they've been amazing.   I want to upgrade to a better headphone, and since I like the Grado sound signature, I've considered Grados (although I'm open to other suggestions). I listen mostly to rock and metal, and to some jazz, classical and electronic music and my sources are a Macbook and an...
    Did you buy a charger too? I you did, which one?  
Thanks for the suggestion. I just did a small research on this amp and I've read really good reviews. Since I'm not good with DIY stuff, where can I buy one and for how much?
I had the same problem as you. I like the sound of the SR80i, but the issue I had with them was that they were too bright and at times a little fatiguing. A fellow head-fi'er recommended that before I gave up on them, I could do some mods that would help them a lot. I damped the inner chamber with felt and put blu tack on the back of the driver magnet. There are threads about these two mods, and they have easy to follow instructions. After I did this, I noticed an...
Hello everyone: I own a pair of Grado SR80i and although they sound good directly plugged to my iPod, I've read they can sound even better when amped. I'm also planning to upgrade up the Grado line, so I was wondering: which amp would be recommended for Grado headphones? I'm looking for an amp that I can use with my SR80i, but also with future purchases (like the SR225i).
Wow! Thanks for taking the time to write this. The water method for removing the cups worked great, really easy and fast. I damped the plastic inner chamber with felt and put blu-tack (some people have used this instead of the damping device) on the back of the driver magnet. The only thing I'm a little scared to do is poking holes in the back of the driver felt because I don't know exactly how many and in which position. Where should I start with this?
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