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Which one would you recommend? The Shure SE215 or RE0?   I listen to all types of music (except country and rap/hip hop), but most of the time I listen to rock and metal, so guitars have to sound good. I also listen occasionally to classical, electronic and jazz.    What type of sound do I want? I want a good soundstage, good vocals, great guitars, clarity... But at the same time, although I'm not a bass head, I don't want bass-anemic earphones and I want bass to...
I finally bought the iPod Touch (64GB, white), now I have to wait until it arrives so I can compare it to the iPod 5G. I'll let you know how it goes   
Oops, sorry! Thanks for the suggestions :-)
Thanks to everyone for their input. I'm getting the Touch.   Which IEMs and headphones would you recommend?
    I've been reading reviews on the UE600 and most people love them, so they're an option to consider. What other IEMs in that price range are recommended?   EDIT: How about the Klipsch S4, Etymotic ER23-HF3 and the Denon AH-C560R?  
Here is my situation: I have never owned a high quality set of IEMs, and after getting full size headphones with great sound, I realized that I use my cheap pair of Sony MDR-EX35LP (which I bought mostly to use on the go) more often than the others, even when I'm at home. The other headphones I own are Grado SR-80i, and they're great with guitars and rock music (which is mostly what I listen to), but at times they feel too bright and fatiguing. I also own a pair of Audio...
Thanks for the responses. I would like to stick with Apple since I have a lot of music in AAC and ALAC, and I also own a MacBook so it makes things easier for me. However, if there's another player that is a lot better in terms of SQ and UI, I'll consider it too, I'm open to other options.   The equalizer in the iPod classic is awful, so I always have it off. The fact that in the iPod Touch I can use a decent equalizer is something I didn't realize before. Now I'm...
Hello everyone: Sorry to be redundant, but after spending hours searching the threads on this forum, I feel as if I'm where I started. I had a 5th Generation 30GB iPod (the iPod video) for over 6 years that I need to replace. The problem is that I don't know what to do.   I've been reading a lot of threads of the subject. Some say the 7G iPod classic sounds great, and is an improvement from previous generations, but that the latest iPod Touch sounds better. On the...
Sorry to hijack your thread, but I have a similar question!   In my case I had a 5th generation 30GB iPod classic that I need to replace, and I don't know what to do.   I'm really interested in reading the answers :)
Thanks for the suggestions. I just read your review on the Spider Realvoice headphones, we have a similar music taste too. I don't have an iPhone, but I do have an iPod. How has your experience so far been with them?
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