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Living in the US, I listen to some radio shows from Europe and that gives me the opportunity to discover bands that otherwise I would never hear of. Also, I search online for bands/musicians that have a similar style to the ones I already like, I have discovered a lot of artists this way. 
Thank you for mentioning this, after listening to this recording all I can say is: wow! And immediately I placed an order to buy this fantastic album. It's always great for me to discover violinists I've never heard of before. I saw she also recorded the Beethoven, I have to give it a listen as well.
 I'm actually trying to decide between these two. From what I've read in the forum, they both have great reviews and most people are happy with either of them. But I do find that reviewers like joker and ClieOS lean more towards the GR07. The difference in price is not huge, and apparently both are what I'm looking for. Decisions!
I've been considering the Sony XBA 3iP and VSonic GR07 MK2. Any experience with these?
I had my HiSound Crystals for around 2 years and I was satisfied with their sound (well-rounded, good with different genres). However, they broke recently, I need a replacement and I've been having a case of "upgradeitis" for a few weeks as well . I listen to rock, metal, electronic, pop, jazz, classical... Pretty much everything, but primarily rock and metal. What I'm looking for is a well-rounded IEM that can perform well with different genres, I'm not a basshead but I...
My HDTV is a KDL-32BX330.   I tested the N64 with an older TV and it works, so it's not the console or the cable.
Hi!   You might think that using an HDTV to play Nintendo 64 is rather pointless, but I like to play Nintendo's older gaming systems from time to time, and I don't own an older TV. I have a Nintendo NES that works great on my TV and I had no problems connecting it. But when I try to connect the Nintendo 64 I can't make it work. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? I'm connecting the cables exactly where I place the NES cables and the TV displays a message that says "no...
I have to disagree... This might be the first Muse album I won't be buying    I really wanted to enjoy it, but I was very disappointed when I heard the full album. Although I didn't like any of the songs that were released previously, I kept an open mind. I actually can't remember any truly great and epic songs, or even guitar riffs. I admire when bands are willing to experiment and explore new influences and sounds, but in this case this album is a mess, different...
I'm also interested in this. I'm going to New York in 3 weeks and want to be able to try some headphones.
Thanks Joker. I read your review of the HiSound Crystal and the SE215 and apparently they sound pretty much alike. And the price is similar too. To you, what are the main differences between them? I'm not looking for bass monsters, I like bass to be noticeable but without sacrificing detail and the highs and mids. 
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