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any comparisons with the HPH-MT220 ?
Where is the Roxanne ?
I already have FX-850. Looking to upgrade. I asked about FX-1100 if its significant upgrade from FX850 for a fun type sound signature but if it is not then i would not mind giving DN-2K/J a try for a different sound signature to see if i like it. Would you recommend the new DN-2KJ over the old DN-2K ? Trying before buying is not possible here in India because they must be imported here. They are not available locally. Hope i am clear enough now.
Hey, Can you give some impressions for DN-2K vs DN-2KJ ? and JVC HA-FX850 vs JVC HA-FX1100? Thanks !
Could you please compare and post some impressions on DN-2000J vs Primo8 ?Thanks !!!
Thanks for this. Have you heard NuForce Primo8 ?
Any comparisons with the Dunu DN2KJ ?
Any comparisons with the HE-6 ?
You mean Separate Amp and Dac ?
Kool. Was looking at Schiit Ragnarok+Yggdrasil combo alternatively. What do u think about that ? Good Synergy with HE-6?
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