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I've used my 271's with an iPod Nano. It's not perfect but it works reasonably well. I wouldn't want to carry the 271's around with me though. I've also used the 271's with an iPhone 2G and iPhone 3GS with comparable results.
I've had my RP6's for a year or two now and I have been very pleased with them. It never hurts to listen to a few different things before you buy but the KRK's are certainly a great option to look into.
Quote: Originally Posted by netsky3 Nice wallpaper, where u found it? What cable use on the akg? I found it, and a bunch of other great shots, on Flickr in the vacuum tube group. I'd recommend checking it out. It's just a stock cable on the 271's. They take a back seat to the HD600's unless I need to keep the noise down so I don't want to drop more money on them.
This is just a quick and dirty picture of my current computer rig. Now that I've finally gotten the HD600's I think that I can take a bit of a break before I upgrade the amp. I'm really very pleased with how this sounds for what it is... Also, I like my tube source
That was a fun article, thanks for the link. We don't see as much history around here but it's quite interesting to read up on.
If you go to the JDS Labs site and read the user manual there are specifications and links to specific supplies. I have bought two of the Philips supplies off e-bay without trouble (although the first one got beaten by USPS and died after a few months). JDS Labs
When I first bought my KRK's I had the same question. One popular recommendation at the time was the Nano Patch. However, in the end I found that it was much cheaper and more convenient to use my LD mkII as a pre rather than messing with a whole other piece of equipment.
I recently took the next step in upgrading my rig by getting a LD mkII and a set of HD600's. So far I'm very please with the improvement in sound but being new to tubes and high impedance headphones I have a few questions. My main concern is getting the gain properly set on the LD mkII. It is currently set to "lowest" gain (according to Petchum's review) since I was using it with my AKG K271's. When I got my HD600's I went ahead and plugged them in to try them out and...
Just bought an HD600 from strid3r and I couldn't be happier. He even went to the extra trouble of including the factory box. I can't say enough good things about this seller. Thanks!
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