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Yeah, I've had an assortment of mi-fi headphones and these are definitely a pretty big leap above. First time in awhile I've been blown away listening to a few albums I've heard a million times. Definitely no complaints here, I'll be rocking these for a long time. Tired of climbing up the eternal headphone ladder.
Just wanted to join the T1 family. Found a used pair on Audigon that I won in an auction for 450, hard to beat. First pair of Beyerdynamics, I'm not having any issue with the treble presentation at all, but I feel I lean more towards brighter cans to begin with. HD650s were a little too relaxed for my liking, definitely happy enjoy music again after a couple years away from having nice headphones. Now its just a matter of time before I splurge on a better amp and DAC...
Yeah, they are very scarce right now. Dropped the price a little more, I've only used it about 30 hours or so. I'm not the kind of person to rip people off haha.
Looking to sell or trade my PS4, purchased on launch and not used very much. Still have the original box and all accessories, and comes with Killzone. For trades, looking for a good iem and cash, or just straight sale. I'll post some pictures later, but message me if you're interested.
Selling my Schiit Modi, purchased around Christmastime of last year (2012). When they shipped it to me they only included one of the rubber feet, but other than that and a couple minor scratches it works perfectly fine. Price includes shipping to the CONUS, just need to fund some PS4 purchases so trying to get rid of the last of my gear. Ill post pictures up later tonight. Thanks for looking!
The only thing I know about Portugal. The Man is that they had their van and equipment stolen in Chicago, just like my friends a week ago haha. But I enjoyed the set.
As a Gator fan, I wish I could afford these...but a beautiful pair of headphones nonetheless.
Its already been up a couple days, here's the link: http://www.head-fi.org/t/678714/ath-w1000x
If anyone is looking for a pair, mine are up for sale. Really enjoyed them but think I'm gonna splurge on some LCD-2s or HE-500s.
Incredibly quick sale =/
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