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Bought one of these for my Elears, I hope all the good reviews are warranted. Figure it will be a great pair considering the Elears are pretty efficient.
I'm in Orlando but usually in Tampa on the weekends so I could try and come up. As of now have a Mimby/Project Polaris/Focal Elear setup i could bring by.
The SR80s are what got me into audiophile land. Still love the way Grados do guitar. But theElears are just another level, especially since I got my mimby. They just sound like music should be heard.
That's what I plan on doing. I was tempted to sell my Elear, but I think I'm going to give it a few weeks. I love the sound, but unfortunately I'm always way too curious about other headphones. I'm going from a pre 4490 modi uber, so I'm sure it will be a solid improvement. Just think a 1000 dollar pair of headphones deserves a better chain haha.
Anyone use a mimby with their Elear? Just hought one to go with my Project Polaris, still thinking about upgrading my amp as well but wouldn't even know where to start.
Selling my Modi 2 Uber I purchased in January 2016 since I just bought a Mimby. Works completely fine, for some reason the selector knob for the source doesnt quite fit right or is missing a part or something. The button works fine, just figured I'd put it out there. I'm sure someone could easily go inside and fix it, but I'm going to leave that up to someone who knows what they're doing. Shipping is in the CON US only, when I figure out why my phone charger isnt working...
Haha, I had to do the same when I told my girlfriend I just dropped a grand on the Elears...but then I just ended up buying her a pair of Louboutins, so now she can't yell at me for my silly hobby. I think she'll be more confused when I upgrade my amp and DAC.
Have a pair of Focal Elears I bought a month ago second hand. Work perfectly and have less than 200 hours on them. Willing to sell them or trade for a good condition, fairly late serial number HD800. I'll post pictures soon, just think I enjoy the Sennheiser sound more.
I've had my pair of Elears for a couple weeks, coming from HD650s and T1 first gens. They're absolutely wonderful. The clarity is definitely a step above the 650s, some albums that sounded downright muddy on my Senns are completely fabulous on the Elears (D'Angelos Black Messiah comes to mind). Now the question is upgrading my chain, I feel my Modi 2 Uber and Project Polaris are plenty good enough but I'm curious to try these balanced. Maybe ill get a Jotunheim to try them...
I just murdered my wallet and picked up an Elear that's coming in tomorrow. Anyone have any experience with the Polaris and Elear? Or will I have to try and write down my extremely vague and confused impressions?
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