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Received the MR2-Pro from Ivan of Miu Audio about 2 weeks ago. Item are received in a very good condition and nice packaging. Here is my review after my casual listening over these period. As this is the first time I am doing it, please bear with me if there are any areas which are unclears or not well written.   Packaging IEM is contained in a well designed hard cover box, fastened using magnet. My first impression of the packaging is that Miu Audio must have...
there you go    
Dynamic i believe. I think it would be better if you dont send it for remold, at least for now. I am sure the peeps from miu audio would appreciate any feedback and review on the iem out of the box.   PS atecivan: i havent go my confirmation yet :(.
please do count me in!
icic. thanks. i went ahead and ordered it anyway. cant wait to receive it
just wondering if it will be hard to drive? im currently using ipod touch 2g here, which i heard isnt too good at driving certain iems. will the sq be badly affected?
Being introduced to this forum by a friend, this forum has since been my daily hangouts for reading materials. Having purchased an Ipod touch recently, I have been since looking for recommendations on what type of IEM to go for. Based on numerous recommendations on the forum, as well as matching my listening preference (ballads, jazz, pop), I have finally decided on RE2 + E5 even through i have to waits around a week due to international shipping. I feel that RE2 + E5...
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