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First you need ECC31 to 6SN7 adapters. The next issue is that the Mullards draw 0.9A each. The ZOTL's fuse blows at 2.5A. You have to add at least the 12AT7's current times 2. It might work if you replace the ZOTL's fuse but that would probably stretch the limits (and void the guarantee, I would assume). So I would strongly recommend an external supply.  Is it better that we use Mullard ECC32?
I know that the tubes might need some time but I felt that the current setup is a bit too bright and could benefit from a tad more "slam", so I removed the Tung-Sol 6SN7 and put in my Mullard ECC31 (fed from external power supply because of the higher heater current). Works flawlessly with tamed treble (welcome with my HD800) and a bit more emphasis on the low frequencies     Can we use the Mullard ECC31 here?  I think it is different than the other 6SN7 or is it OK to...
I also have one unit of Intel NUC with Linux to use with the Lampizator big 7. I also have J River Media 21 (with Linux option) installed. However when I connected with the big 7 it did not recognize the DAC. I knew that Linux does not need any driver , is it still true? or is it because J River Media 21 is new so it is not compatible with the big 7. Should I then use J River Media 20? thanks, Kiertijai
Thai head-fiers have made 100+ preorder of chord mojo They have arrived in Thailand Munkonggadget has informed that they will be available to all who have preordered
That microzotl40 is s beast. Im starting to save now.      Yes it is.  I am also looking for the impression too.       Urban hifi also said that we can get the headphone out too.  May be we have to pay extra.  The input of the Zotl40 with have volume attenuator so we can control the energy output to the headphone section.
Hi, I have followed this thread for some time I would like to know where can I find a good micro to microB (OTG) to connect between my Samsung Galaxy S4 to the chord Mojo? price around 50 US dollars and length around 20-30 cm
Hi,  Is it A to micro B? a better quality may be this Supra A to microB   I also saw one from ebay but do not know how good it is, it is a short one (probably from iphone + CCK to chord mojo)
Thanks I do have Osram PX4 globe and shoulder type with adapter.   I have Sylvania 6A3 but not spring top.  I have Sylvania 2A3 spring filament will try that later (and Silvertone RCA 2A3 monoplate).   I am now using the Sylvania 6A3 + 274B and will listen for a while before changing the tubes.   I have turned off my antivirus + download and the Lampizator big 7 is now running without any problem.  I can still use internet search.
Previous problem was that I could not playback DSD256 via J River Media 20 on PC I thought it was from the driver problem or inappropriate set up of the J River Media I got the answer from head-fi members and it is now working It sounds wonderful, however at present there is some stuttering during the playback, probable because my computer is using I Core 5, However I don't want to upgrade to I Core 7 right now How can I solve this problem?  I have decreased multitask...
Thanks for the help and info. I have ordered the Uptone Regen to use with my big 7
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