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So honestly, the zen output is just probably not too high, and if I had a dedicated CDP, I probably would not need to have the volume pot on the VHP-1 as high as it needs to be. It does have a gain setting, and I have read that the K701 is pretty power hungry, certainly needing the gain set to high. Does that about sum it up? Just get a better source. haha Just trying to make sure something isn't awry here. Thanks again.
I was going to post something about this, but I saw this thread, so I figured I would respond and ask away. I have a Channel Islands VHP-1 and VAC-1 and they sound fantastic. I'm still new to Hi-Fi and all I'm using right now is a laptop sound card and a Zen Micro which has fantastic sound honestly. I wanted to ask if headphones and sensitivity also factor into what setting you should set your amp to. I have the K701's (of course I'm planning on a better source soon) and...
Skylab, I just thought it was funny that you worked for Shure, yet own Ultimate Ears. haha Do you not like Shure's IEM's?
I purchased my Channel Islands VHP-1/VAC-1 combo from Se. They are in pristine condition as he promised. Great communication and prompt delivery. Definitely would do business again! Thanks Se.
Bump: Anyone know anybody entertaining the idea of upgrading and letting these guys go? Much appreciated. Happy listening.
Looking to buy the Channel Islands VHP1 Headphone Amplifier and VAC 1 Upgraded Power Supply. Must be in near new condition cosmetically. Thanks!! Happy Listening!
Todd is a pretty big member of this site. Not that we owe allegiance or anything, but he is involved with this forum and has done some wonderful things in the past. Anyone remember the HF-1. I'd rather give him my business. Anyone interested in purchasing K701's might want to at least check what his price is by asking him. Let's just say I'd recommend it. Cheers.
Actually I have done a ton of reading over the evening, and I initially liked the idea of the DAC. I originally was considering a portable solution that I could obviously use at home such as the Larocco PRII such that you have and even the Hornet, but decided that 90% of my use is going to be home and stationary. What I'm now considering also is the Musical Fidelity XCAN V3 as it has received some glorious reviews. How do you feel the PRII would compare to it? Am I losing...
Thanks Max for your reply. I only wrote that because that post was made after my original post and it was a joke, yet people responded. No worries. Never can tell tone (no pun intended) over the internet.
Wow thanks everyone, the Grado's are like ohh myy god post has gotten replies but my sincere request does not. Interesting. Not sure what I did incorrectly to not get any responses. Goodnight all.
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