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Anaxilus , you can honestly say that the Klispch X'5's don't sound like they're worth more than $80? You are doing the OP a disservice. My recommendation equivicae, find somewhere with a good return policy, get the X5's, and then write me back that you don't love them. They're incredible. Everything you said you wanted in an IEM. They can be found for as low as $120-140 on sale, which makes them a great value.
tdockweiler recommended these to me yesterday and I immediately let him know I didn't like them at all coming out of my Sony A816. Bass was non-existent and overall sound was flat. It has a powerful little amp and has had no problem powering lots of headphones I plugged into it. I was concerned. I wanted a good ol passive over the ear pair of headphones for airplane travel etc.   Welll....I haven't been on head-fi for a while and forgot about burn-in.   What an...
I rarely post anything, I just like to educate myself, but I had to write a response to this Bilavideo. You smell b.s.? This is an enthusiast website about headphones, hi-fi and other various audio components. You think someone would lie about hearing a headphone? Wow. Also it is an armature driver, this has never been disputed. Read the website if you need to. If you have nothing constructive to contribute to the thread, why don't you just keep it to yourself? Mmkay...
Maybe it's just me, and I don't want to sound whiney, but when I pay for something and the company I'm purchasing it from sends me a confirmation that they have accepted my monies, I don't expect an email the very next day saying "Sorry your product is no longer available, we have refunded your payment. Order canceled. Last time I will deal with these folks.
You could certainly do the mods, which I've heard, and sound great, or consider the Channel Islands VHP-1 with or without the VAC-1 upgraded power supply. It's a simple, great sounding solution and I've often wondered why it doesn't seem to get much notice on these boards. I learned more about Channel Islands on some other fine sites and there are many positive reviews including a Stereophile quick comparison between the VHP-1 and X- Can V3, with a slight edge going to the...
I know there are tons of threads on the K 701, but I'm writing this as a message to those who may have auditioned them but perhaps did not spend that much real quality time with them. Burn-in, a consistently debated subject is in this case my friends, just flat-out true. These things have just about transformed over the past 250+ hours. Bass is the most obvious improvement. It is fuller, deeper, with better extension in the lower frequenices, tighter (that was never really...
Rob, have you personally heard the K 701's? I disagree pretty strongly that they gloss over the details as I was formerly one of those people who thought mp3's sounded good. Well I am a CD guy now. Hehe. I honestly have not heard the k1000's myself, and judging by what I read they are quite a treat. All in all, I'm just saying that the K 701's are pretty revealing in their own light.
Is there any particular reason there doesn't seem to be much love on this forum for Channel Island products, the VHP-1/VAC-1 combo in particular? It seems to be highly regarded wherever I read about it, and I enjoy it immensely, however I rarely see it recommended in most cases. From what I can ascertain, it bests the MF X Can V3 and I see that amp mentioned here all the time. Anyone have any input. BTW it drives the K 701's with some serious authority. Happy Listening.
Ok so AKG 701's are that difficult to drive and I have low output sources. I don't think anything's wrong with the Channel Island's amp, as I know others who drive this particular headphone and other power hungry cans with this amp and it does not need to exceed the 12 o'clock position. Is that pretty accurate fellas?
So honestly, the zen output is just probably not too high, and if I had a dedicated CDP, I probably would not need to have the volume pot on the VHP-1 as high as it needs to be. It does have a gain setting, and I have read that the K701 is pretty power hungry, certainly needing the gain set to high. Does that about sum it up? Just get a better source. haha Just trying to make sure something isn't awry here. Thanks again.
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