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Selling or Trading Mint Condition Channel Islands VHP-1 Headphone Amp with upgraded VAC-1 Power Supply. Original price of amp was $399.00 Original and Current price of Power Supply is $199.00   I am letting it go because I just purchased an amp/DAC combo, and really don't need two amps. The units are in MINT condition, both functionally and cosmetically. I will also include a custom made Revelation Audio Cryo Silver power cable. The cable is the perfect...
Hi there sunninho. I looked for my email receipt but must have accidentally deleted it. I believe I purchased them Feb 2011.
Hi Zorahk,   you can reach me at tbizcuit1@yahoo.com. Thanks!
Indeed it is. Cheers to you as well!
Dennis, I appreciate your feedback. However I am confused by your comments regarding a used sale price of $500. They're literally in Like-New condition, and new these still list at $999.99 everywhere.   Happy Listening!
Thanks BlackenedPlague! I just keep them in good condition. They arrived nice and shiny. The wood is really beautiful.
One pair of pristine Denon AH-D7000's for sale. Not interested in Trade at this time, as I have enough headphones. (Tee Hee. You all know what I mean.) The only reason I am letting these go, is that I really enjoy the Grado sound and after extensive listening with my PS500's, the Denon's are not getting much use. I thought I would need some closed phones when I bought them, but I end up using my IEM's when listening to music where I don't want to disturb my neighbors....
I own both the D-7000's and received the PS500's about 6 months ago. I have literally reached for my Denon's 2 times since then, and they were short-lived listening sessions. The PS500's do not get enough credit on Head-Fi. They are marvelous and well rounded with all genres. Can't get enough of them. To anyone that owns them, listen to Violin Concerto, No. 3: "Strassburg" K. 216, 3rd Movement, from the Master and Commander soundtrack, and tell me it doesn't sound like...
Try listening to Yes "Long Distance Run Around" from Fragile (Expanded and Remastered) Unbelievable. Mindblowingly good with the PS500.
***SOLD!*** Pristine AKG K701 for sale. I really admire the technically superior aspects of these phones, but I am in love with the way Rock 'n' Roll sounds on Grados. I enjoy some classical now and then, but not often enough to keep these from a good home. I know there is a K702 also available, with it's detachable cable, but I don't NEED to sell these, so please no lowball offers. When I say these are pristine, I mean they look like they just arrived...
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