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Bump. Still available! Thanks!
Like-New Condition Grado PS500 For Sale!   One pair of Like-New Grado PS500's for sale. I am letting these go because although I really enjoy the Grado sound (ALOT), there are not many opportunities lately for me to listen to open-back headphones. I am either at work, where I do not have the ability to listen to music, or my wife and (almost) 2 yr old little girl are sleeping. So these are not getting as much use as I'd like, and I'd rather they go to a good HeadFi'er...
Ugh? Why is that...?
Amazon has them now, directly through NAD. All 3 colors are available. Sweet!
Sale made. Thanks everyone for your interest.
Mitchgo,   I agree wholeheartedly (even had the same conversation with The Wife, haha) For me, these are THE headphones for now. I found my perfect, closed phone. I'm not sure what kind of music you're into, but check out Television Marquee Moon on these. Amazing. I could listen to them for days. They do get a little warm, but it is summer and I'm in Arizona. I am looking forward to wearing them with cooler weather.   Happy listening everyone!  
Ideally, I wanted to sell them off as I had some other components in mind, but I'm open to it. PM me fore sure. Thanks!
Honestly sounded phenomenal right out of the box. I'd say approximately 100 hours in, highs became more refined, mids became a little bit more forward and bass tightened up even more. In addition I think the soundstage and imaging improved. These are awesome cans and I believe you will love them! Cheers!
The K550 has a sliiightly better soundstage width etc., but IMO the M4U 1 has better impact, timbre, PRaT, sub-bass.....You name it. I just enjoy and can lose myself in the music more. Some find the fit uncomfortable, but they disappear on my head.   Hope this helps. Good luck!
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