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The K550 has a sliiightly better soundstage width etc., but IMO the M4U 1 has better impact, timbre, PRaT, sub-bass.....You name it. I just enjoy and can lose myself in the music more. Some find the fit uncomfortable, but they disappear on my head.   Hope this helps. Good luck!
Still available! Seller backed out.   Cheers!
My apologies. I have been super busy and have not accessed the site in a few days. Sale is pending on these, but if for some reason they become available again,  I will surely reach out to you. Thank you for your interest and good luck finding another pair.   Cheers! Thomas
They're incredible both amped and out of a DAP/smartphone. (I use the HTC One) Incredible performance, incredible value. Not sure why they're not talked about constantly. See my Review here:   http://www.head-fi.org/products/psb-m4u-1/reviews/9273   Happy Listening! Thomas  
PM Sent! Thanks!
Price lowered! $200 it is!
Hello everyone. I'm Curious..... 97 views, no response. You saw the price and you still viewed the post. The headphones are in perfect shape. It says OBO. Is anyone interested in K550's? Do I need to lower the price? I think it's fair, as they still go for $270. Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks all!  
Like-New Condition AKG K550 For Sale!   One pair of Like-New AKG K550's for sale. I am letting these go because I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy the Grado sound the most and after extensive listening with my PS500's, the AKG's are not getting much use. I thought I would need some closed phones when I bought them, but I ended up getting some great IEM's for private listening or when my wife and daughter are asleep. I'd rather these find a home with a good...
Hello. Ygpm Thanks!
Selling or Trading Excellent Condition Channel Islands VHP-1 Headphone Amp with upgraded VAC-1 Power Supply. Asking $400 OBO for both.   Original price of amp was $399.00 Original and Current price of Power Supply is $199.00 **(I will also include for free a custom made Revelation Audio Cryo Silver power cable originally $79.00. The cable is the perfect length (about a foot long) for going between the VHP-1 and VAC-1, and it makes a nice sonic...
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