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This song really does sound amazing on the Z7's. Wow. Great impact and instrument separation. Layering is terrific too as you mentioned! TF
Hello All,   Lots of views. Any interest in this? Otherwise I'll just keep it. Thanks for your input!   Happy Listening
As a T51P owner myself, I am amazed there hasn't been more hoopla about them on HeadFi. They are simply amazing headphones, regardless of their small size and "portable" moniker. Punchy, dynamic, detailed and easy to drive. What more could you ask for? However, I am an even happier man with the T51P's and Z7's!   Cheers!
Hello All, Up for sale is a Nuforce Icon HDP DAC/Amp. I've had this excellent little device for a few years and it has served me well. It has a dead-silent noise floor, excellent transparency and is a pretty revealing DAC. I think it is ideal for warmer sounding headphones, adding a touch of sparkle, and it has been mentioned many times on this forum and others, that it pairs really well with the Sennheiser 55x and 650's. I am looking to finally step up my equipment a bit...
Have you ever heard the Jeff Buckley version of this song? Amazing. I feel like the highs have become clearer and more extended and the bass tighter since I've broken them in. The imaging really is fantastic too!
I am really enjoying these so far! Listening to Tidal, FLAC and some higher bit encoded MP3's. Quick question to those who are pleased with theirs so far. I currently am using a Nuforce Icon HDP. It is a great unit, but might be underpowered for these phones as well as some of the Summit-Fi Planars etc. What would you recommend that has been recently released in a Amplifier/DAC combo that would pair nicely with these and have enough technology for future phones. I know...
Curious...why are you selling them? Not what you thought? Upgrading already? Thanks!
Sorry for my ignorance. What or who is Kaneda? Is that pricejapan.com or from Japan.co.jp?Congrats on the awesome setup!!
I'm not trying to "that guy", but they are absolutely 100% real leather. The smell is unmistakable. Perhaps there are variances among each pair.
New Posts  All Forums: