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Hello all! Great thread so far. I've been interested in these for a while now. Just curious if anyone can shed light if you've heard the Sines compared to the DT1350. How much better are they really? At all? Is it worth paying 2.5x as much?
Bump again friends!
Bump! Sale fell through. Wow, no love for the Z7. Lowered price.
Bump - Sale Pending, but still available.
Anything? Bueller? They're in perfect shape. Dropped price again and includes shipping.
Bump. Price drop!
Perfect, Like-New Condition Sony MDR-Z7 For Sale! One pair of Sony MDR-Z7's for sale. I am sad to let these go because I really do enjoy the sound quite a bit, but I have had some recent changes in my life (some wonderful actually) and I just have to put the hobby on hold for priority reasons.A little about the Z7's: They have just enough energy, but not too aggressive. Bass is full, round and doesn't interfere with the mids or treble too much. They really sound wonderful...
Anyone want to take one for the team? I think they look great. Nice and clean! Preorder at this point but the price is ridiculous.
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