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$old!! Thank you everyone for your interest.
How did they sound bad? You don't have to answer obviously I know your opinion is your opinion. I'm just curious what sounded off to you. The reviews have been pretty universally positive. Thanks.
Really? I have them and think they sound great. Please tell us why they are garbage in terms of sound. Sincerely.
BUMP! :-)
Hello everyone,    Hope you are all enjoying Happy Holidays! I am putting up For-Sale my like-New Philips Fidelio X2's. There are countless reviews out there on the Internet as well as our own Head-Fi touting the greatness of these headphones. They are super fun and really have impressive bass for an open-back design. Very energetic sound with terrific PRaT. I have 2 small kids, work from my home office and rarely have the opportunity to listen to them. I have had to stick...
It's not even close, right? Soundstage better on Bose? Better bass? Bass is muddy, mids are scooped out, vocals metallic. Lighter and slightly more comfortable? OK, there you go.
You really should do yourself a favor and listen to the Sony's. They're fantastic. These folks preferring the Bose...I just don't know what to say. The MDR-1000x must have been defective. Not even close in terms of sound quality.
If you don't mind me asking, what does your Luxman rug consist of? I am thinking of building a system around the Elear. Thank you so much!
Thanks so much! That's exactly what I was looking to hear. You can score like-new DT1350's for like $123 bucks right now. Even though the SINE is better, I just can't imagine it's an 3x improvement. I'm sure I'll pull the trigger on the Audeze someday soon. Cheers!
Thank you for your feedback. Anyone else who's heard both have any insights? Greatly appreciated!
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