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Curious...why are you selling them? Not what you thought? Upgrading already? Thanks!
Sorry for my ignorance. What or who is Kaneda? Is that or from on the awesome setup!!
I'm not trying to "that guy", but they are absolutely 100% real leather. The smell is unmistakable. Perhaps there are variances among each pair.
Haha true indeed. I have heard good things about the H6. Happy listening!
Yikes, that's a huge downgrade if I've ever seen one. Is it because the M100 are more durable?
These T51P's are simply awesome. There really are no real faults. Superb.
Bump. Still available! Thanks!
Like-New Condition Grado PS500 For Sale!   One pair of Like-New Grado PS500's for sale. I am letting these go because although I really enjoy the Grado sound (ALOT), there are not many opportunities lately for me to listen to open-back headphones. I am either at work, where I do not have the ability to listen to music, or my wife and (almost) 2 yr old little girl are sleeping. So these are not getting as much use as I'd like, and I'd rather they go to a good HeadFi'er...
Ugh? Why is that...?
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