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on another thread someone said that the amazon deal turbines have updated packaging boxes but the cables are old.  apparently you can get monster to replace the old pair sometimes in feb 2011...worth a phone call to monster to see what the deal is so you can get updated cables.
  yup.  same thing just happened to me this morning.  the wires had hardened quite a bit, which had actually helped stay on over the ears since i lost the guides, but they cracked so i am getting them replaced under warranty.  i really wish they would send me a pack of the green filters with my new phones, though that's probably not going to happen .   i also ordered a pair of the turbines and i really want to compare the pfe with green filters and the turbines. 
      thanks for the suggestion!  do you know how well these do in terms of isolation?  that's my only hesitation with silicon based tips rather than foam.
I just ordered a pair of the turbines through the super cheap Amazon deal and like everyone, I am trying to decide what tips to get if the stock ones don't work for me.  So far people seem to be saying the comply t-400, sony hybrids, and the monster supertips are all good bets.  I read somewhere else on head-fi that the sennheiser bi-flange (not sure what the product name actually is though) are a good set of tips and that actually they expand the soundstage and bring up...
I have a PFE 111 and I am thinking of getting a pack of the new green filters that come with the PFE PB.  I've read that the PFE originals are the same as the new PFE PB but the only difference between them are the filters.  I also got a really good deal on a pair of monster turbines that I couldn't pass up (thanks Head-Fi) and those are on their way.   But all that aside, can anyone compare these two?
do you know how the green filters used on the original 112 compares to monster turbines? 
I've been listening to my PFE's for about a year now on my Cowon and have decided that I would like a change.  The PFE's are very clear and detailed, but the highs are a bit too crispy and slightly hissy.  To fix the problem I changed to the black filters and put on some Shure olives, which do help a lot but I've decided to see what else is out there.     My budget is around $100 and would like something with a warmer signature but with clear (but not crispy) highs...
Just curious, are they the PA910 or the EABKF1-10, or does it matter? I found some of the PA910 at 3.6 a pair, so would you take 3 instead of 4? I'm in DC, so yes USA.
I guess I am confused. It looks to me like there are two different types of shure olives out there...not just the different sizes. My problem is that the large silicon ones that comes with the PFEs keep falling out, but the comply med size that came with the PFEs seemed to fit fine..
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