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     I have leaving for college next year and my Grado SR60is just died so I am looking for a new pair of earbuds or in-ear headphones. I do not not really know where to look when it comes to in-ear headphones/earbuds. I prefer the way open headphones sound versus closed headphones. So, I do not know if that is similar to in-ear vs. earbuds. My budget is limited to about $100. I listen to mostly rock music but balanced SQ is best in case my music tastes change. Thanks...
I managed to remove the plastic around the wires, encased each of them with electrical tape which managed to fix it for a few hours. However, they are dead again. So, now I figured I would just go ahead and replace the wires. So, anybody have any reccomendations on wires, would prefer to keep them cheap, under $20 if possible. I have experience soldering and all the tools to do it.   Thanks
The little area where the one wire splits to go into each headphone cup. One of the wires coming out of this box is falling out, and I lost audio on my right side again. I figured if I open it and cover it with electrical tape, I could fix it for a few more weeks. So, I was wondering how do i go about opening it and if anyone has any guide on recabling it, which I may eventually do.   Thanks, Trevor
I bought a pair of Grado SR60i headphones last September and they have been amazing. However, I noticed that the wire has slipped out a little bit on the left side. I can see the exposed blue and red wires underneath. And Sometimes the audio will go out in the left side for a second. Is there a way to fix this somewhat easily without sending them back to Grado (they are still within warranty). Thanks, Trevor N
I have not listened at max volumes very often, maybe once a year. Normally I listen at good levels. But, with my new grados, I can not even tell if I am listening to loud music. Is anyway I can check my dbs on my computer.
I didnt buy online because amazon had them backordered, and if something goes wrong, I can just take them back to the store instead of having to ship them.
I just bought a grado sr60i as it was all my local audio store had in stock. It is amazing, 1000x better than the apple earbuds. Would there be any noticeable difference if I hooked it up to a cmoy amp? Also is there a forum post where I can learn how to burn-in my headphones? Thanks, Nickkelbackk
I am looking for a set of headphones that are good with rock music, metal, classical rock(not a lot), and maybe some alternative. I have been thinking about the Grado sr80is or the Sennheiser hd555s. I listen to my music at high volumes as a way to keep me up at night. So, the louder, the better (reasonable levels). I would appreciate any comments showing how these headphones compare against each other when used with rock music. PS: They will also be used to watch...
"One" - Metallica
AMP3 17 HEAL Just to help the underdog Cowon 25 Hurt I kept ratio the same so it is fair.
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