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UPDATE: I listened to my MDR-7509 again, and compared it to my ATH-M50x.   Compared to the M50x, the 7509 suffers from a boxy-sounding (boosted) lower midrange. Otherwise, the two headphones sounded quite similar to one another. The M50x sounded a bit clearer, but only because the 7509's emphasized lower mids ran into the upper mids. Plus, the 7509 is actually not as comfortable as the M50x - not only because the 7509 feels heavier on the head, but also because the 7509...
Did that Apple Store have those headphones wired? Or were they running wirelessly? Plus, store demo headphones of any type tend to be seriously, if not severely, abused: Many people who demoed them before you listened to them tended to raise the volume to the maximum many times, thereby causing major damage to their drivers. That said, I have a Beats Solo HD and a Solo 2 (both wired), and found neither of them to be worth their original asking prices. Looking back now, I...
Sorry for my prolonged absence from the Head-Fi forums. An extended period of unemployment, followed by my hiring at another supermarket, then finally my promotion to a full-time work schedule, left me with little time to even post in the forums. To make matters worse, my password expired and the email account that had been used to create the account was deactivated.   With those out of the way, I'm back posting about my recent headphone experiences.   In the several...
Another price drop.
Price reduced.
Sale pending...
Continuing my headphone cleanup, I am selling my Sony MDR-CD2000 headphones. The headphones are made in Japan, and are in excellent working and very good cosmetic condition. Asking $110 plus $18 shipping. Will only ship within the ConUS. Please PM me for any alternative money offers. Will not accept any trades at this time.
Another price drop
Price drop  
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