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I need a pair of at least 15' RCA interconnects to go between my preamp and separated tube monoblock amps. Think budget=reasonably priced. Thanx, Captain Jim
Beresford tc-7510 DAC.  No box or manual but for the $ a noticeable difference. Actual shipping.
I have an original silver 170i in probably 8 to 10 shape.  The box is a bit rough but everything is included-remote, adapters, and power cord. Asking $160.00 plus actual shipping.
I need 2 each au7's and ax7's.  I don't understand the new designation of the RCA's. NOS? Thanx, Jim
Got it covered guys-thanx for all the responses JIm
Looking for a good quality mini to rca cable to run between ipods and my preamp.  Shorter the better.
How long is the extension cable and are those 1/4 " plugs? Thanx, Jim
New Posts  All Forums: