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Hmm yes I see that's reasonable.
The volume of the video is going to be different for everyone, depending on their headphones and amp. The M50 isn't a very hard headphone to amp, so probably listening at max volume is too loud. The only way to know for sure is to measure the volume with a SPL meter. Or measure the voltage and use that with the headphone specs to estimate a volume but that's trickier.
It's worth the bump for 2 Chainz.   A million dollars to spend on audio? I'd get myself a house in the middle of nowhere, spend maybe a couple thousand on a good speaker system in a dedicated room, and buy about 100,000 CDs.
Didn't watch your example videos, sorry. 1. Some of the videos I've seen (SonicSense reviews mostly) play the song right from the digital files, then switch to a recording of the song played through the headphones. This seems like the way to do it, because the transducer on the user's end will color both the original and recorded song equally. The closer the recording gets to the original, the more neutral the headphones are, regardless of the transducer used to play the...
Good save
It depends on the situation. If a person wants to like a headphone (which is usually the case in this hobby, new toy syndrome etc.) minor flaws that are easy to ignore or adjust to might appear to smooth out with time. Especially if that headphone is getting most or all the head time. It's not likely to work with major or irritating flaws. Plus, the concept of burn-in looms dark over headphone purchases, so buyers will be easy to convince the headphone they want to like...
Vinyl has an effective noise floor of around -70 dB at best (vinyl aficionados can correct me if this is wrong, but it's close), higher with dust on the record. 16 bit audio has a noise floor of -96 dB, about 6 times quieter. 24 bit audio has a noise floor of -144 dB, and your digital gear probably has a noise floor of around -100 dB.   In other words, yes you will definitely get more background noise with vinyl rips, but this can be minimized with a careful cleaning...
What superior models and how do you know they're superior?
The drivers are supposed to be able to handle 15 W for up to 200 ms, according to the manufacturer specs. That's a peak of nearly 143 dB based on the new 101 dB/mW sensitivity spec. Anyone got a speaker tap?
It will most likely tone down the treble and upper midrange because of fewer reflections in the cup, and trap more bass for a warmer sound. Venting the pads with holes will raise the treble back up a bit, like a bowl pad but not as extreme. You'll have to decide for yourself if it "clogs" the sound.
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