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 ...did y'all say GIF thread? pony...  I can't...hold it...  Damn! Friendship inbound!   (P.S. Don't whine. This is my last post. But I can always edit in a dozen more if you whine.)
Okay, I made a rough sketch of mine in GIMP. I cheated with layers.  
antcore, it is my opinion and the opinion of the current body of scientific research that amps and DACs are mostly overrated. You really only need one if you're getting audible noise, or not enough volume. There is no such thing as "underpowered" if you're comfortable with the volume you get, and have enough headroom for the peaks on quiet recordings. Or you can get an amp/DAC if you need whatever additional features they might offer, like connectors, coloration, bass...
Would we have to draw it by hand? **** that.   I made mine myself, if that counts.
You probably won't tell the difference between high bitrate AAC and Apple Lossless either. So if you're content not knowing if your copies are perfect, just use lossy and know it's still perfect to your ears. Save you lots of space.   If you want to be sure your rips are as good as they can be (even if you can't hear a difference) you can go through the hassle of setting up EAC using these steps. Or just enable error correction. How often do you rip CDs that time is an...
The promised Livestream of Bronycon, which begins tomorrow. There are two rooms, each with a different panel schedule. You can switch from one room to the next with the Swap Video thing to the right.   And here's the final schedule so you know what to watch. The panels you do not want to miss are: Saturday 12:00 p.m. EST: Behind the Voice Saturday 4:00 p.m.: An Hour with Lauren Faust Sunday 1:00 p.m.: Behind the Voice 2 Sunday 3:00 p.m.: An Hour with...
I'm assuming you're talking about ripping? Taking the audio from the CD and saving it as ALAC? The drive you use doesn't matter as long as there are no errors. If the software you use have some error checking feature, make sure it's enabled. Something like AccurateRip support would be even better. It checks the data in the ripped files and compares it to logs on their servers, sent from other rips.   What OS are you using and what program do you use to rip the audio?
No, I think he actually thinks he knows what he's talking about.   Trolling would be "lol guys ur all def i have $5000 cables and they sound way better even my def gramma says so", then posting some variation of that in response to everything instead of actually formulating some untested pseudoscience theory.
Youtube standard definitions of 360p and 480p use 128 kbps AAC. 240p uses 60 kbps MP3. HD 720p and 1080p use 152 kbps AAC. At least as of May 2011. Keep in mind that this is encoded from the original video's audio, so actual effective bitrate is going to change. Since most uploaded videos will have lossy audio anyway, I imagine it's encoding lossy from lossy and causing a little bit of extra (mostly insignificant) damage.
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