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We all know that audio is subjective and it differs from one to another, so how do you put the price on that. Can you imagine one manufacture setting lower price and still earning cash if they can set the higher prices and get twice the revenue, well no. The goal of every firm is to earn as much more as they can with  lowering the costs of manufacturing process as much as possible. Some of the brands were growing trough the years just to get to the point of so called brand...
It's not only about grainy highs, I would personally stay away from Ultrasones. Sennheiser hd 25 II has very forward presentation, very good for heavy sound and headbanging since there is no way these are falling off and definitely won't fell apart. Off course they are not Grado and have softer presentation, but forwardness and guitar riffs presentation is Grado-like for sure.
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 Np, ear rubbing can be a problem. PS Don't buy Grado ever :)
 It's a mission alright. My I ask why are so eagerly trying to swap the original pads for the k701 pads. I saw the shameless stitching on the r70x which looks like shark attack, but are they so bad ? Shure 1840 pads on the r70x (?) they look very similar to the k701 pads. Maybe that is more hassle free approach.
 Had a colleague with same profession ... a word twister :) we had some pointless but pretty interesting conversations back in a day.
 Nicely said, by the way are you in some kind of marketing team by accident :)
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The market for small dac/amps exploded, literally, but I would not say that they were blown away by other companies. Lack of marketing can be a bitch, but regardless you should try HRT Microstreamer, wicked device.
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