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I didn't have a chance to listen to the Mytek, Benchmark or Lavry but as they are considered as studio/neutral dacs so I could help you partially. Since I had opportunity to hear some converters in studios like RME FF, Esi Juli@, both on speaker and headphone set ups, I can tell you that they share similarities in terms of flat response, they don't mask anything and can sound a bit harsh and dry when they are feed that way. I don't think that they are not too much...
Unfortunately all of my equipment shopping was done blindly. Even if I was not underwhelmed with any, my impression did differ from all reviews that I've read.   Hearing for yourself and direct comparison is the mother of all.
Hey Everyone,   I boarded the otg train for some time, but annoyance of receiving a call when otg-ing has really getting on my nerves.   I don't know if my case is isolated microstreamer + moto g, but the procedure of getting IEM off my ear and reconnecting the whole bundle is just too much. In future I would like to upgrade my IEMs into CIEMs and really when I picture the whole scenario with custom made phones and the time needed to refit the 'phones is just .......
Much appreciated
I am a long time k702 user, although it is made in Austria it squeaks like little piggy :-) but can withstand beating with no problems whatsoever. I don't know how many times I've tripped that long cable and made k702 airborne without any damage. So IMO comments about k7xx version are little overblown.Since you're k702 user, I would like to know is there any point of owning both. I would appreciate if you could answer from top of your head with simple yes/no answer. Thx
Recently I had the same idea. As Defrance said, the ritual of collecting, crate digging, buying used vinyl, sharing to me sounds very interesting, even if you need to splash relatively big sum of money on vinyl. I didn't need reference turntable, just something decent (400 Euro) to practice this contagious ritual and perhaps to share that experience with my son down the road. But I've struck a brick wall while being amazed how good and well regarded brands after 50 years...
Cordial is sufficient IMO, but it is not advisable to buy long cables if you don't need to. If it's a hassle to return the Audioquest cable, you could simply buy Audioquests 3.5mm spliter, because it makes more sense. Splitter that you've linked looks good and if you can't find Audioquests one it will be just fine as long as it does not wobble when connected. Happy new year, I wish you less fiddling with the gear and much more music listening.
You shouldn't have any concerns and you don't need adapters. Just buy a cable with 3.5mm stereo jack to rca, and you are good to go.   Lets scratch the surface briefly. S/PDIF is Sony Philips Digital Interface, a protocol that is used to carry bit streams, data btw devices over coax and toslink cable. Common belief ist that toslink is better way of transfer since it is immune to ground loops (annoying buzzz in sound) and radio interference due to its nature of fiber...
If you are strictly limited by those manufacturers in your homeland, I would go for HRT Microstreamer ( not musicstreamer ) I use one and must admit that it doesn't show any immediate weaknesses. Other dacs on your list are either packed with features that you don't need or they are plain overpriced. I highly suggest looking at the FSale forum here on headfi. If you need a suggestion just shoot me a pm. Cheers
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