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11.5 kg 29.1 kg 46.8 kg 
Well, thats nice of you guys, thanks.   Have read that new AKG gets hot in the treble only when things get a little complex so sound gets compressed as a result, it would be nice to check it out.   AKG k702's do not have big punch or a hump in the bass section but it can convey texture of the lows incredibly good, so good that it completely disappears as reproduction tool. How much new drivers mid bass hump enables you effortless texture listening, have they made a...
I think that is clear how AKG planned its flagship release, but I would not like to derail this thread with AKG's poor marketing plot.   Hopefully you'll get a chance to crossfire them with HD 800 and see how they compare strictly for mixing purpose.
Review experience of new AKG is getting quite rounded, thanks.  This is the key thing when looking k812 trough the eyes of the studio usage. For 1.5 big ones you can buy plenty of gear and this amount of money is a bit too much for a tool that can easily translate into two active boxes with great studio pedigree, like Adam A7X or Neumann KH 120 A. As a matter a fact with the rest of the cash you can treat the room with absorbers. If we also take bumps in freq response into...
That was a nice read, thanks !   When you pull a line under two current AKG threads, you can clearly see why some prefer the 812 pro. It is the same thing just observed from a different perspective, this way you can see both sides of the coin.   P.S. Your comment about headphone stand vs cable connector was quite amusing. From the early start I didn't dig the headphone stand, possibly it should suggest people that they are dealing with flagship, or did they think they...
And you still think this is about soundproofed hotel room ?
And I have never been to a hotel, thanks for the clarification buddy.   Now you can go back to whats that case quest.
Under the plastic bag XD   I will edit my post so it wont be discarded as imprecise.
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