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1) 107,777 2) 108,888 3) 109,999 :-D
I had the original and while they are fairly balanced they are far from neutral sounding hp. If strict sound isolation is a must then they are okay, because isolation comes with a cost/sound compromises.
They are a little uneven fabricated, but I can not see any kind of pattern that would suggest side priority.
Joining the drama :-) If it can be of any help, on my k702 there is a pencil mark on the hole/slot of the pad that goes on the back side of the cup.
Use it as part of my travel gear and I must second that it gets along pretty good with my phonaks ( grey filters ). If phonaks could trow bigger soundstage ( iem limitation obviously ) I would be completely sold. Anyways, easy recommendation for this combination.
Speakers have completely different presentation, and they can better the headphones easily but not at at the same price IMO. You need to splash much more cash to dive into something at similar level.     And when you splash that cash be sure that you don't set up your speakers like this guy     The key of this set up is to open the windows behind the speakers to avoid reflections.   (which is not such a bad idea, if you are living on a country and have demolished...
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11.5 kg 29.1 kg 46.8 kg 
Well, thats nice of you guys, thanks.   Have read that new AKG gets hot in the treble only when things get a little complex so sound gets compressed as a result, it would be nice to check it out.   AKG k702's do not have big punch or a hump in the bass section but it can convey texture of the lows incredibly good, so good that it completely disappears as reproduction tool. How much new drivers mid bass hump enables you effortless texture listening, have they made a...
I think that is clear how AKG planned its flagship release, but I would not like to derail this thread with AKG's poor marketing plot.   Hopefully you'll get a chance to crossfire them with HD 800 and see how they compare strictly for mixing purpose.
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