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PM sent. H.
OK, will test that with my iPad too (and I'll compare everything with a Galaxy S5).   Cheers,   H.
 Well, as I said already (buy it should be by english), as I am already almost at 0, if I am pushing manually to the left, then I don't listen any sound anymore. Definitely the gain and the output are far too high for a CIEM + iPhone combo. It's just a fact based on my observations. I'll try to test this product with other IEM / headphone during the next days before writing a small review. H.
 Well, as I said, the volume bar is at the first slot and even at this level, it is too loud. If the product has been designed to deliver that power, then, it may not be relevant for using it with iPhone & (C)IEM. And I would not say that this product is a "power beast": with an AKG K340 the beast seems very tired.  H.
Hey,   I'm just testing this device with FitEar 335 and one iPhone 5S.   I am quite surprised, because: -> even if I the sound is minimum it is hard to listen to the music because the sound is too loud: if I am not the only one to have this issue, then I wonder how we can use this product with Apple stuff and (C)IEM; -> without any music, I can listen a noise, probably the hiss someone was asking earlier.   H.
PM sent H.
PM sent.   H.
PM sent too. H.
How long do you use those cans peeps ?   I wonder if you modded your K1000 ? Did you recable it ?   Cheers,   H.
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