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 Still my go-to universal, after 3 years =)
I have found the iPhone 5 and Westone 3 to have good synergy in general.
May depend on what hardware you are using. I always had to EQ my IE8 out of a DAP, but from a dedicated DAC/Amp it always sounded great. I used NuForce and CEntrance.
Selling my Cowon J3 as I am moving to the Sony A17.   It is good condition.  The screen is great, but the plastic body has a few scuffs from normal handling.  Never had an issue with the unit and always has been updated to the latest firmware.    The cover on the bottom which covers the microSD slot and USB connection broke off due to the flimsy attachment. The USB port is clean as I regularly dust it with compressed air.   Battery life is remains excellent, I just...
I would stick with the W30.  
+1 Been around the block and now am settled with my HD700 and DACmini.  :)
The Sony NWZ-A17 has all the features I want and use on the J3. If file transfer speeds are faster, I'd consider it a step up, but I have no need to replace my J3 at the moment.
1.  Superb, they are amazing for rock.  2.  Wish I could let you know, but I do know they pair well with gear that is analog or warm in nature.
 Yes... that is without question.  The DACmini is hard to beat.
It's possible that with the high demand, they had to hire a temp staff to perform mods and/or assembly which was not as skilled as the CEntrance house staff. Long hours and quick, time-constrained work can also take a toll on quality.  May just be an unwanted side effect of the Massdrop order to push sales.
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