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 You just have to be a bit more delicate with them!  Mine are still mint. They are a precision instrument, not something to manhandle...
On a separate note, has anyone here experienced their input selector switch behaving weirdly?   The other day my DACmini shut off on its own, and the input selector switch would only function in one direction.  It then shut off on its own a couple of times. After unplugging everything and reconnecting it worked fine. This is the only hiccup its ever had and has been fine since.     Any thoughts?
My DACmini breathed new life into my sub =).
Yes that is correct.  I noticed a big difference.  The difference is all sub-bass, below 100hz.  It's not like EQing up the bass all around.  It will be deeper, boomier, less polite.  I always used mine on the marker right above minimum. I would turn it above that only for movies, where it sounded great with sound effects.
Yup, I always roll mine up around 3 fingers avoiding the strain reliefs, then store in a hard case.
Maybe you are rougher on your cables than you think?   My cable has been fine.
Has anyone here upgraded the cable for their JH5?  I know it's popular for higher end CIEM's, but wondering if anyone has had a good experience with the JH5.
I've been very happy with the DACmini amp/dac  unit for the HD700. It has a very analog sound which pairs with them nicely.
They were thinking.....MOAR BASS
Yes, especially if you like dynamics.  The lower priced ortho's are giving them a run for their money, but they do not have the the liquid organic sound Senn's have.  If you like the Senn Sound, the 650's with an upgraded cable sound superb for the money, even at MSRP.
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