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Have been using IEM's almost exclusively for a while now, and I use a different DAC for my stereo setup.  Thus, would like to find a good home for my truly hi-fi headphone setup.   Headphones have ~100 hours on them.  DACmini about the same and is less than a year old.  I am the first owner of both.   DACmini was ordered with the Variable Output and 1-Ohm mods.  (volume pot controls the line-out level)   Have all packaging and boxes for both and will be received by...
Sorry for the late reply, to connect this unit to an amplifier, you would use the RCA output jacks on the rear of the unit. You will then be able to connect a line-level signal to whatever amplifier you want to use. However, I would first try connecting the uDSD to a powered USB hub and try using your headphones with it set up this way.  For me, this increased the amplifier power quite a bit, as well as cleaned up the sound from the DAC.
My impression/review is up    http://www.head-fi.org/t/767950/nuprime-udsd-usb-dac-review
uDSD Review   Build Quality and Design:  The build quality is excellent. The chassis/casing is overall similar to the NuForce uDAC units, but the finish is much nicer.  The contrasting bright silver logo is a nice design touch. The RCA jacks are of higher quality than the uDAC units. In fact, they are nearly identical to those used on my CEntrance DACmini, and by memory the HDP.  This immediately let’s me know that the device’s line level output signal is to be taken...
I have found Westone 3's now 30's to pair very well with both my iPhone 5 and 5s.  
CEntrance is very slow with communication and repairs in my past experience.  I had a DACmini CX repaired and it took just over 3 months from when I dropped it off to when it was returned to me.
 Still my go-to universal, after 3 years =)
I have found the iPhone 5 and Westone 3 to have good synergy in general.
May depend on what hardware you are using. I always had to EQ my IE8 out of a DAP, but from a dedicated DAC/Amp it always sounded great. I used NuForce and CEntrance.
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