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Been using my secondary DAC/amp (NuForce uDAC2)  while my DACmini is at CEntrance being repaired...  Really hope I get it back this week... don't know what you have until its gone.  =(
Yes, 1.5W total.  This is plenty for almost all headphones.  You can pair it with those models, but you may want to consider the "Gain of 10" mod which bumps the gain from 8 to 10.
That's what I thought. Thanks =)
Might be a silly question, but does the 1 Ohm mod apply to both the headphone out and line-level out?
Hmm, I want to order another DACmini so I can also have a unit with 1 Ohm... but I don't want to pay more than 399 =(
Good deal if the warranty is included.
 You just have to be a bit more delicate with them!  Mine are still mint. They are a precision instrument, not something to manhandle...
On a separate note, has anyone here experienced their input selector switch behaving weirdly?   The other day my DACmini shut off on its own, and the input selector switch would only function in one direction.  It then shut off on its own a couple of times. After unplugging everything and reconnecting it worked fine. This is the only hiccup its ever had and has been fine since.     Any thoughts?
My DACmini breathed new life into my sub =).
Yes that is correct.  I noticed a big difference.  The difference is all sub-bass, below 100hz.  It's not like EQing up the bass all around.  It will be deeper, boomier, less polite.  I always used mine on the marker right above minimum. I would turn it above that only for movies, where it sounded great with sound effects.
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