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Selling my Sennheiser IE80 as I never really ended up using them much.   Purchased from  Did not put them through burn in but they probably have 30-40 hours of use. I noticed a positive change after 10 hours.   Complete with packaging and all tips/accessories, none of which have been used. I used my own VModa tips.   I could not see any blemishes on the brushed faceplates.    Price includes shipping.  PP as gift or add 3%
NuForce HDP (or one of the newer models like the Icon DAC)  pairs very well with the HDP.   Centrance DACmini is also excellent but twice the price.
a good DAC makes a huge difference.     Under 1k I'd get  CEntrance DACmini
Does the VarOut affect the sound quality?
$100?  Where can you obtain a UM3X for $100?
Do you have the original packaging for the Sony?
Westone 3, best I've had for metal so far.
What are the best current aftermarket cable options for the IE80?  I know some that were popular are no longer production...
I don't mean to be posting repetitively, but I just found out my favorite feature of Rdio... If I am playing Rdio from the app on my mac through my stereo, I can control what the mac app is playing via my Rdio iOS app remotely.... COOL!
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