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PM Sent too.
The seller's asking price is insanely cheap !  Someone please jump on it !   I own a DNA Sonett and can attest this is one great headphone amp !     F. Lo
I have a Nagra CDP and is looking for a set of VFS (Vibration Free System) in good condition.   Must be one complete VFS set.   Shipment to Hong Kong and pay via PayPal.   Offers with ownership and usage history, and asking price via pm or email to allinmyhead@mac dot com   Thanks. F. Lo
Wanted a Solo in mint condition.  Prefer black but will also consider silver.   Ship to Hong Kong, payment by PayPal.   Offers, with ownership and usage history and asking price via pm or email to allinmyhead@mac dot com   Thanks. F. Lo
Also looking for a RKV MKII in cosmetically good and perfect operating condition.   Offers welcome with pm or email to allinmyhead@mac dot com   Thanks in advance. F. Lo
Hi all,   I have been away for a while and didn't realized my feedback was archived.  But I still find it here :   I am the same person, but haven't been active from some time.   Hope this clarifies my "zero" feedback.   Regards, F. Lo
Interested to get a Edition 10 in mint condition.  Must come with box and stand.  No marks or dents or scratches.   Shipment to Hong Kong, payment via PayPal.   Check my feedback and offer with confidence.   Best way to contact me is via email  
Hi folks,   First, it is true that I am in possession of both the Balancing Act and the Woo Audio 5 (maxxed out version).  However, live over the past 6 months have been difficult for me so I basically have no time on this hobby.  Which means....   My Balancing Act (300B/PX4 version) is... STILL IN THEIR BOXES....  It is really a shame to say this because like many of you I am keen to get my hands on it.  Unfortunately, there are so many things in life that I...
    Hello,   Can you shed light on how much the SAA umbilical is going to cost ?  This does not seem to be a standard product of SAA yet ?   Thanks, F. Lo  
  What I don't get is what does Ruthenium mean to the sonic performance of the Edition 10 ?  There is no information about its audio properties (damping, resonance, ...etc.) so I am wondering what makes Ultrasone pick this material.  From all I read, it is like making something unique for the sake of uniqueness, and more like a marketing plot ?   Also, is Ultrasone using solid Ruthenium or just a thin layer as decoration ?  Any one can tell ?   F. Lo  
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