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S3 > headstage usb dac > RSA protector > JH13s Feels like an old school set-up now :-) Sent from my Paranoid Android SII
  I've been using this set-up for quite awhile now. This is what I bring outside. :)
It was just a few months ago that earsonics released the em4, and now they have the em6. Quite a rapid pace in development they got over there. I wonder if joe will bite at it again. Even though he has not reviewed the em4 yet.
Looks really interesting. Maybe they can make it a little thinner though. Hopefully.
Indeed. This thread is like the waiting thread. We knew about it all along but still get persuaded to buy it.
^ Or ALO could supply a Kobiconn to LEMO adapter which you will have to get when ordering the balanced RX3 and CLAS. Better business for ALO? More products to sell.   Might be a bad idea still.
It just goes to show that the CLAS DAC is no slouch. I wanted to upgrade to the SR71B as well, but decided to stick with the protector since I'll be using them with IEMs only and got no need for the additional power. The CLAS is indeed a game changer.
I'm planning to upgrade my UM SM3x6 to 8-drivers now. This just goes on and on an on. 
I've been using the JH5s quite a lot now. I still prefer the JH13s for that total immersion with music. However, the JH5s are really no slouch in terms of its performance. I'll be using the JH5s mostly with my ultraportable rig (Nano 6G + Pico slim + Twag JH5). The JH13s for my transportable, (Classic + CLAS + RSA Protector + Balanced Silver Dragon). Now I'm settled.   On a side note, the fit on my JH5s are perfect while the JH13s are a little tight (very little -...
  Joined the JH5 bandwagon. I love this thing. Amazing value for a custom iem. It has that fun and addicting sound to it. Reminds me a lot of the TF10 without the recessed mids. They misprinted the JH16 logo though, but it's fine, they probably sound closer to the JH16s since there is obviously much bigger bass than the JH13s
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