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  Also had microphonic 5998 from, with not up to standard values - sold as NOS? No good.
Thanks, will try something in that area. Sure wanna keep those good sounding tubes and it's really only a problem if the amp is disturbed by movements, foot steps etc.
Have GEC and Chatham 6AS7G and Tung Sol 5998 which all sound great but they're quite microphonic, sounding like a bedspring when you tap on them. Does this affect the signal in a headphone amp? Would be interesting to hear your experiences with this.
I once tried some pads on those K50 and all of a sudden they proved what they were capable of. 20 years ahead of the Walkman?
Listen more to this combination than the 007. Lovely music making.  
There are other options for this, including the Audiotailor Jade. The plate/cathode pseudo balanced output is stunning with certain headphones. Will report about it in a week or two. A mark II version of this amp is pending, I believe.There is something special about OTL amps, as long as you are aware of the importance of high quality caps and chokes.
  Hello Heinz, Did you or any of your colleagues design the K500 too? I've been listening a lot to the K400, K500, K401 and K501 the last few years and through modification and experiments with modern amps have found that the K500 exhibits extraordinary qualities in the right environment. Would be very interesting to know a little bit more about this design and development. About 20 years ago I visited the AKG plant in Vienna for a reportage and talked with several...
So what you're saying is it's perfectly safe to connect the L and R minus posts of a tube power amp with output transformers?
With loudspeakers, L and R + and - are kept separate on a standard amp, but if you connect a headphone (with resistors), ground of L and R are united (only three contacts on a TRS plug) and apparently may cause a havoc with the output transformers having a common ground. Distorsion, overheating in the seconadary windings? Must be some tube amp aficionados out there who know how to solve this problem.
I heard it's not good for the amp with common ground of the output of the output transformers. Did you have trick with the resistor box?
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