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K500 and K400 had some problems with the internal connectors to the driver before they started soldering them. You have to open the the cup (remove type plate "K500" and unscrew), check the small connectors to the driver connecting pins, and if you're lucky they'll be working again after have disconnected and connected them a few times.There are pictures and instructions by me and others in K400/K500 threads on this...
One of the true pioneers of the hobby that evolved to a worldwide, multimillion engaging passion for music. Fill up with other legendaries from Beyer, AKG, Sennheiser and all other inventors (from Stax to Wharfedale to Yamaha) who brought the technology to new levels.
 Astute observation. Looking forward to see your damping scheme of the flat diaphragm resonance.
The seller lost all control of his nines, and some wits too.
There's an instruction video on Innerfidelity, just search for HD600/650.
Trying again.
X-mas bump.
Amp fried one of the drivers, need a new one.
Tyll has measured a pair I sent to him.   The pads were old and deflated and I'm not sure if he had the opportunity to measure them with fresh pads. The bass looks a bit weaker than what it sounds like, which may be because of the old pads. As a comparison, the HD565 has a little bit more "bite" than the HD600. The former gets more of my headtime than the latter.
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