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Tried my hands with these, the usual tricks, but found it very difficult to make them cooperate.The drivers are beautiful (my avatar) and look very well engineered. I'd be happy to learn from your experiments.
 Give us your thoughts. Music played?
Pull out the tubes out, reinsert them a couple of times. Sand the pins if they're oxidized. Works 9 out of... 10 times.
 Hello, This amp may have been dicussed later in the thread, but I wonder if there are boards and transformer available from somewhere. Or maybe an even better, simple DIY amp design?
Found some pics that were maybe posted in other threads - look'em up, removal of the resistor network is worthwhile.       Here you see the three screws:     Driver assembly to the right - the soft plastic rim holds the cloth in place at the back of the driver (locked in place by the screws). Just to pull off when dismantled:       Driver assembly without cloth:     Pads had that special, comfortable and durable material (alcantara I think). Ear...
How do I remove the headband strap of the Gamma? It's probably a snap lock, but I don't want to break the plastic part.
Yes, soldered to the driver assembly. Open the back grids and you'll see. No problem if you're careful.
That's the cloth (driver is #13). You twist the back grid frame (#12) anti colockwise, can be difficult as there's som glue to fix it, but the bayonet lock will open with som persistance. Undo the screws, three I think, and the driver assembly will fall out on the pad side. Then it's only to pull the elastic fabric off the driver assembly.
Double post.
 You win at the lottery? Got a few nice ones coming up myself.
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