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  Thanks! That pregnant little splitter may work, but there's not much space in there for the cross-soldering that's necessary for this particular anode/cathode tube connection.   I welcome more suggestions!
Looking for something like this:       Simple but functional. Where can I find something similar?
Put your foot in it, didn't you?
It's amazing that this old headphone still can compete. With a few mods it gets even better. Just listened to some acoustic guitar that sounded very present with resonating strings and an expansive sound stage.     I've repaired my favourite pair (broken parts, bad driver conncetions) that once was owned by a not very careful person.   This is what happens when you try to open the side cap without loosening the screw under the number plate:     I fixed it...
Decided to refurbish my most worn K400 because it sounds best of the lot.   Got all replacement parts from AKG except one which is out of stock.   I'm looking for the cup cap, right side:       Spare part no 2458Z0802. If you've got one, send me a PM.
    Was it easy to solder or those awkward enamelled strands?
Nothing wrong, just manufacturer's marking of the material. Sometimes letters and figures too.
What amps are those?
Did you find your tubes? Guess i got some extras lying around.
David Clark, US made.
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