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 And another one was a flower power painted DT48, worn, if I remember correctly, by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.
"There will be drinks outside."
GDHS-224 is PMB. DefectiveAudioComponent knows all about it.
Just to avoid confusion, the colour refers to the plastic, not the metal traces, so the driver on the photo is the kapton version.
Not that it matters, but it's a K500. Probably for production reasons (pre-soldered, short driver cables) AKG cut the fourth wire at the headphone entrance on these soldered versions. Older versions with spring contacts have all four wires going into the headphones. I know, and it wasn't a positive discovery when I made a balanced connection...
The sticker is plastic, fixed with double-sided tape.        
It's easy to change the elastics. First remove the type sign (plastic sticker), a needle or a thin blade will do. Unscrew the cap and open. Likewise losen the two screws on the elastic holder on the headband.   The part is available as a spare part, but I just change the elastics on my K400, 401, 500 and 501 headphones, using a sharp knife.   Picures below from a K500, but it's basically the same.           Left aged elastic, right new.     Picture...
 You can change the elastic band yourself if you're a little handy, the service manual can be downloaded from AKG. You need to open the cup and losen a few screws and parts. The elastic band and its plastic holder is also available as  a spare part.
Interesting. Are they direct replacements in a 6as7g circuit?
 Sounds fine in my set-up (comparable to my Sylvania and Metz alternatives) which is a bit unusual: OTL balanced anode/cathode output driving a HD580 at the moment. The 6SN7 has higher output impedance than the amp's standard tube 6AS7G, but fine for the 300 ohms Sennheiser.  
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