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 German Quad, also makes the legendary ESL57. This is a remake of the Jörg Jecklin Float - and it pictures both the headphone and the man.
Had some time to spend and decided to dig this little unit out of the cupboard for a more elaborate evaluation. Did some listening with different op amps and tubes, and noticed that the tube made the most noticable difference.  Of the five chips I had available I thought the supplied Texas Instruments NE5532P and a Burr Brown 2604AP slightly less open and defined than the adapter back to backs: ADR825, AD797 and 627AU. Could'nt hear much difference between these three but...
 You've probably solved this problem already, but I'll answer anyway for the community. 1) I soldered one end of the lead to ground on the board. The other end was placed between box and back lid before the latter was screwed in place. 2) I found that mains hum differed between wall warts (and to a lesser extent the signal source - portable player/mains connected player). The one supplied with my amp (230V mains) had an inherent hum. I tried a few different wall warts and...
Buck! Must get a reissue of that powerful double live LP.But a double driver headphone? I'm a bit skeptic - single driver phase coherence is quite an asset.
  What pads are those and how do you find them?
Looks like an AKG (K451 range). Saw something similar as an included accessory in a Burmester equipped luxury Mercedes.
Vintage Sony range: R10, MDR-CD 1000, 1700, 2000, 3000.The CD 2000 (open) is still used by some proffessional recording engineers.
Make a note so you don't forget. Gonna be interesting to see how this old flogged horse compares.
Fast? Those square waves look terrible.
Well, would be interesting to read some impressions of its bigger sibling, KH-83, orthodynamic. Even more of a scientific instrument.
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