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It's been mentioned by me and others in various K400/K500 threads. It's a presence/treble filter. The rotting foam can be replaced, or the plastic holder removed if you prefer it without filter.
Be aware. An easily modded Yamaha HP50, available for 10-25 bucks if your lucky, outperforms this collectors' item in several instances. The Sansui is beautiful and rare, and appeals to buyers with those preferences, but flaws are included.
So, received the new batteries from Ali Express. Cell phone battery type BAK 323036P.       I ordered two, 7 dollars each, free shipping.       As usual, opened the Clip at one point with a small blade, then using the thumbnail around the edges.       Desoldered the small circuit board from the old battery, soldered the new one into place.       Taped small board and battery together.       Fixed the battery to the case with double sided...
The HD565 driver has a different connection than the HD580/600/650. The voice coil is soldered directly to the springs, so the springs can't be replaced. And I have yet to hear from someone who managed to solder the enamelled, extremely thin voice coil wire. Extra care is needed when stretching the springs for better connection when you have a problem with a channel falling out.  
Happened again, I sat on the Clip and the jack broke. See, almost no solder at this point.     Fixed that.     Enough solder for another mishap.   Stubborn me decided not to leave these not working devices unused.   My first Sansa Clip+ that I reported on at the beginning of this thread and heavily rapaired I left in a restaurant.   The second one worked fine until the battery ran down and couldn't be charged. Left in the drawer, bought a third one for 30€...
Interesting with the back cover of the driver vibrating, like a passive radiator/damper. Is there a better photo to show the material and design?
    Hmm, similar, eh?
Mighty fine, to quote Francis Vincent. How do you find the sound now after a couple a' weeks?
 German Quad, also makes the legendary ESL57. This is a remake of the Jörg Jecklin Float - and it pictures both the headphone and the man.
Had some time to spend and decided to dig this little unit out of the cupboard for a more elaborate evaluation. Did some listening with different op amps and tubes, and noticed that the tube made the most noticable difference.  Of the five chips I had available I thought the supplied Texas Instruments NE5532P and a Burr Brown 2604AP slightly less open and defined than the adapter back to backs: ADR825, AD797 and 627AU. Could'nt hear much difference between these three but...
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