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Count me in as well : ) I can order a few if needed
I would be interested to compare RJ45 I2S to my Reflink, but my parents probably kill me if another package arrives lol.
Don't forget noise.  Lots of devices show no change in jitter, yet sound different because of noise.  Perfect example Audiophilleo Purepower.
Eh, my experience was different. Had HE6 for a while powered by Master6. IME the HE6 was the headphone leaning towards smoothness, richer tonality, more full bodied, and actually with less dynamic contrast when used with that amplifier. I found HD800, with that amplifier, were better able to render dynamic contrast ie contrast between delicate, softer sounds and more forceful, louder sounds. IMO though Master6 didn't have enough power/grip for HE6...
I like the reality check concept - I often get this at meets listening to other people's setups and the level of sound quality which they achieve with much less money wasted.  It's good to know you can downsize without too much heartache.
Not everyone hears the same, some people are less or more sensitive to piercing treble.   There is more than one way to skin a cat.  If you do find issue with GSX treble, you can address it with source, DAC, EQ, cables, vibration mods, Anax mods, many choices.   EDIT fixed idiom
super awesome
I think there are possible issues pairing a revealing headphone with keen/analytical DAC like Sabre etc. because to make analytical DAC musical takes very good quality design (and associated equipment) whereas more musical alternatives will sound, well, musical in less expensive implementations and setups.  Sabre can tend to sound a bit flat and bleached in lesser implementations IMO.
Haha I could totally live with a STAX 009 here also.  If they were reliable.  And not on backorder.  And cheaper
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