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So MQA has licencing?     Frankly I'm not convinced with the information about why full decoding is not possible with software.  If they are compensating for DAC digital filters surely there would be a way around this?   Secondly storage is cheap.  Frankly I would rather deal with 786kHz file sizes than have to purchase a whole new digital chain, or pay premium for MQA hardware.   Thirdly this is going to divide the high-res community into those with MQA and those...
For Sale JCAT USB card (PCIE) Rev. 1.1 Located in Sydney, Australia. $200 USD plus shipping. Very good upgrade for people using USB.   Thanks for looking.  No trades please.  PM any questions or offers. :-)
I can probably come, but only bring my Sennheriser HD 800, Hifiman RE-400, Pioneer XPA-700.
Is that a transistor or a pre-reguator?
 Thanks so much Peter.  I might be in need of a lift.  I was mostly considering I have issues with heavy lifting at the moment, but hopefully things might be different by the time June comes by!
I can come but can't bring my heavy gear.
 FYI: Nobody is making you comment either :-)  Or making me comment on your comment.  Or making you read this thread.  Or making me continue to revise this comment.  
No release on HF...  6k price...  More or less consistent with high end planar headphone improvement recipe - less disruptive magnets and thinner diaphragm...  And probably still not competitive :-)   Welcome to 2017!  Likely more of the same to come.
 Then don't post pls, PM instead.  Please note these regularly sell on ebay for over $200 in auctions.  Hardwareswap reddit lowball offers are not indicative of the whole market.   Good for you that you found a nice deal your second hand computer hardware, but please read the classifieds posting guidelines and do your research.
It's probably a good bet. I don't think there's much wrong with the existing XMOS that would require upgrade on their part.A couple of people have tried installing the F1 internally (see m7 thread) but it's far from straightforward and apparently requires mods and external power to approach SU1. I was going to save money on HDMI cable - or that was the theory haha.
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