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BTW selling the portables JH Layala and Calyx M.  Too much money to have in portables.  Send me PM if interested.
I can say quite easily what R2R foes well in audiophile terms. Timbre and tonal colours are typically denser and richer in texture and more natural. Treble is not as aggressive. I don't understand the concept of plankton or how this is better. I find in most cases there are tradeoffs to make these qualities. In my limited time with Yggy I was unable to determine any tradeoffs. Just a fuller acoustic, which I associated with improvement to my DS dac also. Perhaps...
Funny I feel that I can hear more music from my current SD DAC than my previous, more expensive R2R DAC from the same manufacturer. I dont count soft, murky, rolled and veiled as contribtuing to my enjoyment of music. Yes the saving in cost was passed onto me. Yggy is the exception to my admittedly limited experience in that it musically surpasses dacs in its price range.
Yes DS has improved greatly over the last decade. OTOH the only R2R DAC I am interested in is the Yggdrasil. To be honest cost cutting and easy implementation is perfectly valid reason to use DS. Not every company is as crazy as Schiit.
I recently did a level matched comparison between Metrum Hex and Invicta Mirus (using digital attenuation on the Mirus to compensate for the XLR/RCA level difference).  To be honest the two were very close on the store system...  The only consistent difference I noticed was that the Mirus resolved transients a little more sharply.  Both DAC's are admittedly on the smooth side, and the store system setup is fairly basic and may have not been transparent enough to allow me...
I'm suer many already know this but for those who have trouble with the fitting of the silicone tips but find the comply tips sound dark and muffled, reverse comply is a good solution. (TBH I get a bit of sibilance along with the muffling with the complys in normal position, so not good at all)
Never is along time     Edit:  Don't listen to me cables are a massive money pit
I don't think I got to listen to a lot of gear at the meet to be honest, a few DAP's from Wing's table.  Out of those I really liked the ZX2 - I found it very resolving, neutral and dynamic.
To be honest I think the ZX2 is more gain limited than power limited (at least for my in-ears) - I was maxing out the volume control but still dynamics and body were superior to my Calyx - but Calyx is new so maybe needs some burn in.  I think gain is limited because of some sort of health and safety madness EU regulation.
 Thanks for coming - I think I have to get one of the ZX2 now. @pkwak & @hpz eternal thanks for making this meet happen.   BTW if anyone wants my Calyx M send me a PM.
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