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 Mjolnir XLR headphone out is PCB mount so I would doubt there would be a difference between dual 3 pin and 4 pin.  Ragnarok only has 4 pin XLR.  My AudioGD Master 6 is wired first to dual 3 pin then jumper to the 4 pin so I would rather use dual 3 pin.  If you are staying with Schiit I would probably just use 4 pin XLR.
For ACSS cables, I have tried a couple of DIY recipe, previous best was OCC copper litz rectangular section in cotton, which was good but easily outclassed by recent Wireworld Eclipse custom terminated by AphroditeCu29. It's not going to fix your brightness problem, but it's the best IC I have heard so far. Actually to be honest some might find it bright but to me it's just transparent and neutral. Personally I don't want a cable or any other component to be a filter or...
Yeah I remember Kingwa saying this, he is very humble about performance of his equipment. On the other hand I'm sure there will be more good things to come once the PCM1704UK run out, equally room to imkprove on the NFB7.32.
I'm not sure it's so simple as one being clearly better than the other. At least back when it was nfb7 vs ref7 the difference was one of flavour rather than a different level of performance. Certainly Sabre and AudioGD's PCM1704UK implementation have different flavour to the sound and different characteristics. It all depends what characteristics of sound you value. If you prefer a more natural and organic full bodied sound, M7. If you care more for frequency...
Could always buy m9 first.
 I agree.
I agree JCAT USB card is comparable to a transport upgrade.
 lmao gold.
Maybe a Schiit Rag also? 
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