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 Then don't post pls, PM instead.  Please note these regularly sell on ebay for over $200 in auctions.  Hardwareswap reddit lowball offers are not indicative of the whole market.   Good for you that you found a nice deal your second hand computer hardware, but please read the classifieds posting guidelines and do your research.
It's probably a good bet. I don't think there's much wrong with the existing XMOS that would require upgrade on their part.A couple of people have tried installing the F1 internally (see m7 thread) but it's far from straightforward and apparently requires mods and external power to approach SU1. I was going to save money on HDMI cable - or that was the theory haha.
I gave up on the LT3042 PSU I bought.  Not sure it will be the best fit for what I have in mind (as a pre-regulator to the isolated section of the Singer F-1).     Too many headaches so I am going with Sjostrom super regulator and bring my own rectifier and filter cap.  Hopefully I can use 9V R-core I bought in error.  Maybe order custom wound, potted and shielded O-core later.  I think the R core has some shielding, but not sure what % effective.   Seems I will be...
 I was agonising over transformer selection for this power supply.  I think the inductive coupling issue is real when it comes to rejecting line noise, and also possibly noise between secondary windings.  The thing is though the transformer is not the only way to reduce line noise.  You can also use a line filter, although I am not sure how these compare in terms of strengths, weaknesses, tradeoffs etc. I was not able to find an appropriate R core for this build...
 I'm glad you posted this.  I was looking for replacement for the Panasonic FC on the DIYNHK kit and those might do the trick.  Thanks.
Yes I was going yo say the 3.3/5/7V LT3042 PSU is in stock. I have one incoming. Not sure I will have enough power for both JCAT USB and Singer F1 I want to power. I might need a second PSU (might try a different one) while I'm at it. Or could just use spare rail from my ATX LPSU but that is like 2mV ripple I think. .
Thanks for reply.I think that mod to the LT3042 kit was to fix some issues the OP identified. I might try that on one side, also maybe try a simpler no-feedback PSU eg. AudioGD and see what sounds best. Unfortunately I have no way to measure the noise output...
 BTW did you get teh 2.54mm JST XH or just the standard 2.5mm?  I can get 2.5mm locally and cheaper if that works.  Thanks again.
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