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Yeah Sydney near hornsby. Are you going to the meet next month?
Don't really get much time these days to sit down and think about posting, haven't really made any super incredible music discoveries either.  Annoyingly to get music in high definition in my country I need to use VPN, I'm pretty sure some companies I use turn a blind eye, but other companies use scary language in the user agreement re misrepresentation of country of origin etc.  The only way around this would be if the rumour that iTunes will start to offer Hi-Res formats...
 Cool I think I need one.
Another reason to play this game for lols and not take it too seriously.  Competitive BF4 is a bit of a joke for me, its always 100% assault kit, maybe one engineer to destroy walls but that's about it.  No support or sniper because they're not useful in 99% of the game.  Some people just love assault and are fine using the same gun all day and I guess for them its all good.  I can do that but I prefer not to get sucked into playing like that.   BTW if anyone is...
Theres 2 types of lag in bf4: one is the inherent lag caused by the 20hz netcode which is more of a microstutter that makes enemy models move in a jerky fashion, the other is intermittent lag caused by connection problems. If you play a game like cs 1.6 and you can notice the difference between 20hz tick and 100hz tick server. Interp cant fully compensate for the low tick rate.
 Depends if you want to be able to remove them easily or not eg for pad rolling or washing.  When I did my mod I attached the Audeze plastic rings on top of the Hifiman plastic rings, pulled the pads over and had a removable solution, but the direct tape method is probably easier and maybe has different seal with the driver. BTW did you end up getting vegan or leather pads.  Not sure if anyone answered your question but the two have quite different sound, IMO the leather...
Good call, nothing takes the fun out of a game like trying to be competitive. Turns gaming from recreation into work. I might break out my u2711 if I build another gaming machine.
Funny thing though is a different person eg myself might list these in the exact opposite order.
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