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I agree, generally this holds true, you get what you pay for, but in this case where performance tracks upwards, prices follow, at least for the bleeding edge. Given time we end up at $250k for a system with remarkable performance and innovation, and wait for some kind of trickle down, which I guess is happening currently with FPGA and R2R technologies. The lack of any budget constraints for the engineers is probably what gave us this innovation?
In terms of calling out high end audio, one does wonder whether prices reflect the bill of materials and R&D costs or some kind of gentleman's agreement among the high end not to undercut each other out of business. In any case it's great that there are companies out there th at are innovating at more sane price points and not just in high end.
If you're like me you'll never stop buying things when you get the HD800.
It sounds fine (detailed, etc) you just don't get the dynamic contrast.
True, the Anax mod v2, as I noted earlier, improves treble linearity but reduces bass linearity. If I weren't superstitious about DSP I would use EQ, and might do this in the future when I have time to cut another Anax mod.
I find that better DAC/source can help the hd800 treble by reducing splashyness or smear. With my pair and associated equipment, I still need Anax mod 2.0 but this would probably harm resale if adhesive residue is left. Still not 100% happy with the treble (definition/extension) from my system though, but I don't think the headphones are the limiting factor.
With the mkii 007 pads there was also a nasty treble peak
Condolences for your loss Jason.
 Absolutely, this is the big challenge with most hobbies - where to draw the line in spending money.
 True on most points, DSD is kind of for purists/OCD inclined audiophiles.  A half-effort with DSD is probably misreading the target market as you say.  Tubes are way too dangerous for audiophiles with OCD - which is why I stick to SS : )
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