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 lmao gold.
Maybe a Schiit Rag also? 
m-m-m-m-m-monster post!
IIRC in R2R the voltage is as accurate as you can trim/match the resistors?  I can see the theoretical advantage of maintaining the logical bits if you are going to do R2R though.
^Thing needs a bag over it's head.   Not really basshead headphones by any stretch though.  If that is what you are after then you might be disappointed, unless you want to use EQ.
October 12 should be fine. Re equipment I'm a bit lazy to bring my stuff but if anyone particularly wants to hear my specific equipment can always organise mini meet. Too much OCD in my system setup. Anyway look forward to seeing everyone.
 V nice.  I have ordered some of the new Furutech power plugs - apparently the strain relief is now metal?  I had issues with the old model cracking, I guess others did too.  Should arrive this week some time...
Tubes would end me, so...
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