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Put one way - Focal Utopia is the cheapest Berrylium dome headphone available.  I don't think there was any way the headphone was going to be cheap while using such exotic material.  I think it's pretty cool to chase the design to the ultimate realisation regardless of price.  
For sale Intel i7 3770k Socket 1155 Ivy Bridge CPU (Processor Only)   Never overclocked, well cooled.   Please PM any questions
Possible to apply firmware update under Windows 10?
Using wordclock from DAC to control Rednet 3 or other D/D could be brilliant solution.  If they can sort out the automatic sample rate switching, and with better software/driver options.  I guess ideally also LVDS I2S...  Or just have the rednet receiver inside the DAC and have external DC power input and again grab clock from the DAC or external master clock..   Some of the USB transports allow for word clock input, eg. HiFace Evo 2 - also with LVDSI2S output.  Assuming...
I could add another anecdote on how noisy and un-isolated Ethernet is in practice.  See photo below:     As you can see the ethernet switch is powered from linear PSU and isolated from vibrations.  I thought this would be retarded.  Ethernet is not even in the signal path.  Even so adding linear power and vibration isolation to the switch improved the sound from my system 
 Power and data running side by side is only a big deal if the power line has noise.  USB card with low noise 5V this wont be an issue.   I have tried Lightspeed 10G.  Very sterile and lacking in nuance level detail.  Beaten by even the series 6 Platinum.  The full linear HDPlex PSU is the best fully ATX compatible solution I have tried.  JCAT is better than PPA V2. Galvanic isolation is necessary for Ethernet because it needs to connect between rooms which might have...
Bleh I was gong to lay out my developing thoughts on AES63.  I doubt this will be a replacement for USB.     First we should consider why we are using USB now: It works without drivers on MAC and Linux. It is universal.  It will work with tablets, smartphones, desktops, Windows, Mac, Linux, streaming devices. It works adequately for current music formats. No extra hardware is required. There are no issues with multiple protocols. There are numerous hardware...
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