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Thanks all, I am going to choose between the two Panasonic ear bud models mentioned above. Appreciate all the input and help.
Thank you for the recommendation, I will have a look into the Panasonic models mentioned, and Serman005 I tend to sleep on my sides, so something low profile enough to lie down with my head on the pillow would be ideal.
Hey all, it's been a while and I could use some help finding a good smaller iem to use while in bed and sleeping, comfort is the main priority. They'll be used for binaural beats and music I don't need anything too fancy just something comfortable that is neutral-ish. I did see Massdrop has the re-00 going on now for a good price, but they don't look too comfortable to sleep in, i could be wrong though.   Thanks
Awesome, that definitely sounds like what I'm looking for in the mids and vocals.   Thank you GREQ!
duplicate post. sorry :/
Hey HeadFi   It's been a while since i've posted here.  I am looking to upgrade to a set of HiFiMans, Preferably, HE-400 or HE-500.  I'm looking for a particular headphone  that is going to get me as close to listening to the album by Nirvana, MTV Unplugged in New York, as it would sounding live.  I want to hear Kurt's chilling vocals and all the instruments in total immersion.  Since I was not able to go to said performance, I would like to re live it in headphones as...
Rejoining the Grado fan club, well technically never left haha.  Picked up a used pair of the newer SR325is with the powder coat type finish from a fellow head-fi'er, and wow these are awesome.  I do not find the treble to be piercing whatsoever, however that may be due to my source and amp which is the Yulong U100.  Love the simplicity of Grado, and sure its not a neutral phone by any means but I LOVE the grado sound.   -Mike
Since selling most of my headphones, I have up for trade a well burnt in but in good condition ATH-M50(S), i'd be willing to trade for, or purchase a decent priced Grado phone.  Looking specifically for a grado since I can power it with my cellphone, and wont really be using it at home much.  If you have anything on the cheaper side please let me know.   All I ask is that they work fine, condition isnt a huge deal.
Hi all, up for sale is my Yulong U100 Amp/Dac.  The unit has low hours on it, sounded great with the headphones I have used them with.  If your interested I am selling it for 200, with shipping included (2day ship).  I only accept paypal and can only send to the US. Great Dac and amp at the price point.   Thank you.
Sure, I can do that if your willing to do 250 via paypal.  Are you located within the US?   Thanks, Mike
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