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Hey guys, I recently got an early Christmas a couple weeks ago. My wife and I went to Costco and picked up a 65" 4k TV (LG 65uf6490) and a Vizio sb4051-c0 and signed up for DirecTV. For some reason I'm not getting any DD from my DirecTV. When I click info on the remote it shows it's outputting DD but on my soundbar and TV it doesn't show DD. My setup goes like this: PS4 to HDMI in on soundbar, HDMI out from soundbar to HDMI 2 on TV, and the DirecTV to HDMI 1 on TV so I can...
Okay, I'll just leave it then. I don't like my treble too piercing haha.
Great, Ill just stuff something in between then! Does removing the stock felt just make it louder?
So i got the t50rps the way I like them. One only complaint is VERY LITTLE, not all female vocals are alittle too much at their peak. I was searching this thread and found you can add alittle something between the driver and ear under the 840 pads to cure that. Well I was doing some more research and someone claimed that cutting the driver felt out on the ear side made the headphones sound alot better. Well wouldnt that in my case make the treble even hotter? So my best...
Out of the box these sounded better than I thought they would. I like them more than my brainwavz hm5's to be honest. I can't wait to get these modded.
Yeah, ive been reading some of it. Is the digital scale a must have? Also, do I have to get all these materials online? Or should most craft/retailers have them?
Would you say it is cheaper to mod myself? Which mod should I do? There's so many haha.
Hey guys, im looking at maybe getting a pair of these. I have an O2 amp in the mail and im wondering how well these sound with the O2 and if it can power them decently?? I tried the search but the search mostly popped up with the pads. Whats stopping me from getting a pair of these is im afraid of screwing these up if I was to try and mod them and my wife would kill me if I broke them.
Hey guys, myJDSLabs O2 is in the mail as we speak and I'm wanting to get a new pair of headphones for it to push. My budget is going to be $150. I mainly listen to electronica, and trance but I listen to a bit of everything. Currently I have brainwavz hm5s and looking at maybe a pair of dt880 250ohm or akg k701s/2s but they would have to be used. Does anybody have any suggestions for a pair that might suit my needs? And if t helps my source is going to be either my 1st...
Cannot seem to find the delete thread button.
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