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Well I don't need anything portable because I'm pretty satisfied with my IEM's for portable use, these would be meant for desktop use with my home computer.  I think comfort would be something that I would take into account too, for longer listening periods.  I think if I buy the K121s the big benefit to me is that I can get them locally and return them if they aren't to my liking.  Thanks for your help!
My brother has a pair of supra-aural's and they don't seem too bad, any other suggestions in the sub 60$ range?
Bump... No one?
Didn't see much on these when I searched but L&M has them on for half price right now and I was wondering if it's worth it, anyone heard these cans?  Any impressions would be good as I don't have a great set of full-sized cans.  Don't have an amp as of right now so would I also need to purchase some sort of desktop amp to drive them?  Sorry, most of my experience is in IEMs so excuse my lack of knowledge.  Thanks all!   Here is the...
Hey, Fellow Pegger here, is this thing happening?
There's some dubstep that I found is good for running, it definately does get repetitive but I find when I'm running that isn't an issue
I just got my hands on the Klipsch S4i's and agree I think they are a good bet, if you're in the states you can get em for 79$ from amazon. They have the mic and buttons which is nice, and they sound great and are really comfortable. The bass is definately present, however I've found it to be in some instances a little bit overpowering, though I'm not a bass-head so it's sort of up to you.
Seems like the only thing you can do is go to ebay, the only places that sell em are the apple store (the s4i's) and amazon, apparently London Drugs as well but I haven't been able to confirm that. So if you want a cheaper price, try ebay, just make sure you check the credibility of the seller.
Just got a pair of the S4i's and have to say am pretty impressed with the sound quality, though I have yet to burn them in completely, they've got around 10-15 hours on them. The bass is quite detailed and certainly present. I've heard a few other IEM's but my experience is not extensive, but for working with the iPhone I would definately recomend it.
Hey all, I've been lurking around here for a while, and have written a few posts, and was wondering where the best place to get Klipsch products in Canada is. I know you can get them from the apple store, but am wondering if there is somewhere I can get the Klipsch S4i for a bit cheaper than 119.00 CAD. Any and all help is appreciated. Also, any opinions on the Shure SE102MPA vs. the Klipsch S4i? I will be running it straight out of my iphone and listen to a...
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