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I have the same problem too... sometimes the right channel doesn't make sound until i bang the earcup a few times. it's sad =(
I need a replacement cable for my e10 . Would this do?
I'm wondering if anyone here has tried this. I was bored and this idea came to me. My speakers are not very good, but the effect is pretty interesting. I guess if you have good speakers then you'd get the benefits of listening to speakers and headphones combined. Somebody with good gears please give it a shot!
  That is factory reconditioned. it's probably still a decent price....
voted. Tablet + USB dac would be amazing!
Quote: So the Transformer + voodoo would drive HD650 to good sound quality and volume?
I'm considering, could you post pictures? Thanks =)
Does the distance of the source matter? Like iem vs circumaural headphones vs speakers. Or is volume the only factor?
Voicing is very important in classical music. Musicians rehearse like crazy just to get the exact balance to be perfect. The conductor does the same thing in orchestra rehearsals telling __ to play louder and __ to play softer. Assuming the team mixing the recording actually understands classical music, the best balance of bass/mid/highs is achieved by listening through the most accurate headphones. Which is the most accurate? iono. hahaha
It still depends on your personal preference. I love bass when I listen to pop music. To me the HD600 makes the timpani slightly too boomy and is slightttly overwhelming in symphonies, but the lower strings sound great. I'm a violinist so I like the  higher notes xD and the AKG q701 has just the right amount of bass for me. I also have the ATH ad500 but those are actually too bass light lol.
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