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The current amp im using is the topping tp30 mk2, it was actually the first time i ever cut a cable lol, ill take a look at those options you've linked
Okay, so i switched back to my soundcard and thankfully no hiss so im guessing i didnt break anything yet. Will probably just use the amp for headphones from now on till i get a passive(?) speaker set. Thanks for the info
I have a quick question, I have my A2's (not the A2+) hooked up to my Amp, which unfortunately only outputs via speaker wire, so I had to cut some cables I had and when I finally managed to hook them up, there is a strange hissing whenever I turn the A2's volume more than 5%.  Is this normal? Could it be my Amp dac? Its connected to my computer via usb and the same problem persists when I use my phone as the input, although not as bad. What can I do to prevent the...
Headroom charged me extra 100$ for everything, UPS charged 50$, shipping cost 39, and tax so on so on. the Micro amp which was like 333 came down to 400 something. have some pretty good deals going on right now aswell.
D1001's I would definitely buy the amp too though. It just sounds that much better
I joined a month ago or so, anyways! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol lingling1337 I have one of your quotes:LingLing1337: Head-Fi, the only place where you can plug headphones into a laptop, have them not work, and say "thank goodness it's just the laptop" Also I agree, I have to turn my volume a little higher for it to sound amazing
Re-cabling is win! Not that I would know... It just sounds cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rednamalas1 It may sound weird, but I have a girlfriend who may be over-supporting my headphone hobby. I feel that my AD2000s + Gilmore lite combo does a very good job for my home use, and I was going to sell off my other rig - K701 and ph-12 - since I don't really listen to classical music anymore. But my gf keeps encourging me to either keep it - or upgrade to a better rig - such as stax or W5000, since she listens to...
Argh!!! Wow I feel like i'm going to be ripped off so bad... Thanks for the tip, I'll check out amazon!
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