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the stepped attenuator noise issue is troubling for me! I mean how many of us will remember to trim it everyday?
 ".. more when Sasa returns from his winter vacation and dispatches the loaners..."  no response, because they are on vacation. reference:http://6moons.com/audioreviews/taket/1.html
      So out of curiosity, I gathered some information. Auralic actually barred and gave a stand down order on WorldWide Wholesales not sell anything of their inventory!!   Basically the company had several amplifiers,Dacs and headphone amps in stock!   what should they have done...store them? give them away?   Auralic should realize that trying to dictate didn't work in Germany 1940's and will never work in the present.     Be Aware!   Shyam Sawindra
I will hopefully audition it soon, will it drive my k1000?
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