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Sound is more 3D. Amor Vincit - Musica del Cuore sound eerily realistic
 I had a trade-in With my stereo-192 DSD DAC. So yes; brand New in silver frost finish. First impression is that the "sweetspot" is much more solid and precise.
I recieved my Manhattan II tpday..stoked AF!!!!
For sale;   A black Trafomatic T2+, low hours- practically brand New. It will work With 2016 Version of Taket H2+ which basically is designed around this amp, and pre 2013 Version.     Will be sent With original case. Shipping is done door to door. Rates Depends on your location.     New price in USD is 2300 USD. I will let this one go for 1550 USD.   I Accept paypal and bank wire transfer.   Please PM me if you need more info.
subbed and following  
  from facebook[v1.002.01].zip/
the stepped attenuator noise issue is troubling for me! I mean how many of us will remember to trim it everyday?
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