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Has anyone got this? How does it sound etc. been considering some chinese computer solutions this being one of them. the others were the Zero Dac and the mini USB Dac + Headphone Amp Mk2. anyone recommend any of them over the monitor? this is the musiland item btw USB Digital Sound Card - Musiland Monitor 02 US - eBay, Processors, Home Audio, Electronics. (end time 27-Sep-09 17:25:28 AEST)
just checked my computer and i have no spare PCI-e slots =[. I was considering the Xonar DS does anyone know how this stacks up against the EF2 and just general performance wise as a DAC thanks
just want to upgrade my source/amp. I currently have AD900s so im just wondering which would provide the best synergy with these headphones the STX soundcard for HIFIMAN EF2?
ive read that the Audio Technica AD900s were also pretty good for rock, can anyone confirm? ive heard the ad700s before, and thought they were a little light on bass. How much more would i expect from the 900s?
i listen to alot of rock/punk. currently really into the smashing pumpkins. i just wana make them sound betterer ( : . my price range is $250 - $300. recommend away. thanks ( :
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