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has anyone tried this amped with a corda arietta before?
hey i currently have some AD900s and some MS2i's on the way does anyone know if these headphone benefit much from a quality amp. at the moment my setup is a musiland monitor 02 (DAC) --> cMoy amp with bass boost price range would probably be around 100 - 200 thanks n advance
just looked and no its greyed out. i dont have the bought version =[. how much of a difference does this make?
I've been ripping all my CDs with dbpowerAMP into FLAC i'm just wondering if this program is 100%, as i've been hearing alot about EAC. So does anyone know if they both rip at the same quality?
i just bought a pair of ad900s so my bank account is very light, however i really want those headphones , so if anyone can hook me up with a sweet deal, it will be very much appreciated.
bump 7 hours left!
bump. pm me now for a buy it now price offer. if i accept the offer get a free pair of used cx300s!
For sale one Creative XMOD. Bid on ebay starts at $19.99. TWO DAYS LEFT! used condition. your chance to try out the claims of creative for a low low price. Creative XMOD --> Make your Mp3s sound better than CDs - eBay, Sound Cards, Laptop Accessories, Computers. (end time 13-Sep-09 18:01:15 AEST)
yeh just one question im not sure if you'll know this. ive sent a question to one of the people selling it on ebay but im yet to get a response. the power lead that comes with it is built in yes? one of the sellers asks you to send them what country you're from, so does that mean they send you one with the correct built in power lead for australia? i got a reply back from one other ebay seller and he said he'll just send an australian power adapter with it, however how...
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