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http://holyf u c kings h ^ visit this website. I've heard claims that mp3 files deteriorate over time due to the lossy compression or something like that. has anyone else heard of this before? seems pretty far-fetched to me erase the spaces!
purchased from a fellow head-fier 2 years old. Comes with the bowls purchased from the original owner from head-fier and also comfy pads purchased 2 weeks ago. I am located in Australia. Asking price $260+shipping (Australian dollars) However.. make your offers!
Quote: Originally Posted by eM SiicKS TeeN New to headphones, new here, I am a PC guy. Looking for some budget cans to get started on hopefully, my new hobby. Something $20-$30, maybe some HD201's or something along those lines. Thanks. GOT EM! Thanks Joker! i'll sell you some HD201s second hand without box shipped for $30 US
you would need a separate speaker amp for it as it only has RCA outs, optical out, coax out and 3.5mm out. So if you have computer speakers that uses 3.5mm you'd be able to use it
will pay any difference. Ms-2s are reportedly 2 years old. bought them from a fellow head-fier. In immaculate condition, will come with used bowls and brand new comfys just for clarification these are the new ms2i <-- note the i! i also own ad900s id be willing to trade for akg701s within australia also willing to sweeten the deal with 'x' amount of cash also willing to sell the ms2i's!
trade for preferably AKG 701s or anything similar pm me your offers! if your headphone is worth more i will put in some money to the pot too
bought some alessandro ms2i's from apnk which are meant to be 2 years old and they look brand new and came in under a week from US to australia. best seller ever!
Well, I have recently purchased a chaintech sound card because i got it for cheap off ebay . however it is currently not working. I have put it into a spare PCI slot and loaded up the software and its not being reognised at all. Also i noticed 2 inputs on the card that looked like some sort of power thing should be plugged into it. can anyone enlighten me to if i need to plug anything extra iinto it or should it just be a simple plug and play
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