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Depends on what you consider easy.  Headphones that have cables going to both earcups are far easier to balance than single entry ones.  I'd also say that it is harder to get a strong joint on the round rods of the AKGs than something like the solder pads of Denon or Beyerdynamic headphones.  Even hardwiring Hifiman headphones are slightly less obnoxious once you get rid of the coax connectors.
Just a heads up, none of the K series AKGs are easy to mod for balanced use.  Or at least not nearly as easy as other headphones which simply need a connector swap on the cable.  It is not easy to neatly swap out the 3 pin min XLR for a 4 pin, nor is it easy or very clean to put holes in the cups.  It can be done and their are decent pictures online to help, but having done a couple, I'd say if these were being bought with the main purpose of balancing, there are far...
Definitely disagree with you about the HD650.  I think the HD650s are overall better and more natural sounding.  The Sonys are definitely good, and I quite enjoy the bass, but for my listening preferences,  the HD650s win hands down.  
Fair enough, every has their limits.  I'm more amazed by the people who have been complaining for 10 months straight and still expect it to help.
Got a Wyrd in between my Win 8.1 tablet and my Nuforce HDP.  Cleared up the occasional mouse noise, and seems to have blackened the background and focused the sound a bit better.  Then again I recently cleaned the wax out of my ears, so it could all be imagined (except the mouse noise, I am sure that it is better now).
If you are talking about the monoblocks, those at least have working prototypes that have already been shown at RMAF.  One would hope for a slightly quicker turnaround.
At this point, why worry?  I have been looking forward to the Pulse since before the campaign even launched.  After over a year of waiting, what is another few weeks/couple months?  They ship when they ship.  
Yeah, a little curious how they are going to handle that for people who are receiving or will receive their Pulses prior to the tube output being available.  Send the units back to LH for an upgrade?  
Would only be interested if it also impacted the headphone output.  That's a lie, it if were reasonably priced and switchable, I'd be interested, though it would be redundant since I would be outputting to a tube amp.
Based on current IGG pledge levels, the original early backers should probably feel good about a 2x return if they sell. But I certainly don't expect to see anything close to retail pricing on the used forum.
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