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I like the way those Ethereal speaker connectors look.  I might use them for my next adapter.
Yep!  Love them.
For max quality, you should use the GEEK Out volume control, not Windows.  And isn't messing with the system volume what causes the GEEK Out to max out?
I had planned to shield since I have a bunch of shielding materials (aluminum mylar as well as copper braid).  Overkill, I am sure, but so as long as there isn't a downside, I am going to stick with it. I am probably safe at the lengths I am looking at since I can't imagine them making something so sensitive that an extra foot or two will make a huge difference.  I am pretty curious as to what you find out the feasibility of a 7m DC cable.  I'm hoping once more stuff ships...
That's most likely nylon multifilament. Paracord doesn't come that big. Those SAA cables are really fat and need a big sleeve.
Thanks for the input. I'm not worried too much about the current, as it is 16ga wire and the component won't be drawing more than a few amps. So really the question is about whether or not the individual wires can handle 120 or so VAC. Hoping that some who understands the CL ratings might be able to help. Alternatively, is there a safe way to test the wire?
I'm getting a little bored with the T50RP driver and am looking for recommendations for other drivers to tinker with.  Something that is relatively easy to get at a reasonable price ($50-75 a pair), and that would be relatively forgiving of enclosure would be great.  
I have some CL3 rated speaker wire that I wanted to use to make an AC power cord.  The speaker wire is discontinued and I haven't been able to find the specifications on what voltage rating the polyethylene dielectric has.   Doing some research, CL3 rated wires are supposed to handle up to 300V.  Does this mean that the wires themselves are rated for up to 300V or just the outer PVC jacket?  Asked another way, if the speaker wire is rated as CL3, could I use it as the...
Working on one that uses a headphone shape for the 8.  Just sent the concept drawing to my friend to turn into something prettier.
Oops.  I don't spend as much time on the LHLabs forums because it feels like most of the posts are either outrageous suggestions/demands for possible product features, or the same questions/complaints over and over again (where's my stuff?!?).
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