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Most secondary resources seem to reduce the definition to just being in wall rated.  I have dug deeper, and while I haven't interpreted anything to be definitive for me, I have a feeling that the CL ratings are more for the protective outer sheath rather than the wire itself.  I feel like it would work fine, but I'm not going to risk a fire.  I have some other wire that has a XLPE dielectric rated up to 300V so I will use that to be safe.   Thanks everyone.
Can anyone friendly with Jude get this thread put on the front page for a little bit?  Chiunifi should be a bigger event.  We have 3 million people in this city!  I feel like no one knows this is happening.  
As in your HD650 holds up well in sound and comfort compared?
Nope.  Doesn't count if we can't see wire.  Sorry.  :)
Yep.  Bringing mine, plus HD800 and a modded T50RP.
A more useful link for US based folks: Now, pictures!
How?  Different responsibilities in different departments at this point.  The Wave will have zero impact on the Geek Outs, and likely very little on the Pulse.  The development team can't help with manufacturing and fulfillment and shouldn't/can't stay idle until every last product is shipped before working on the next product.   I feel like typing up an article on how the product development cycle works just to ease some of the angst that people have when backing KS or...
Whoops, I checked again, and I was a beta tester for the survey.  
I received a Geek Pulse survey weeks ago.  Did you contact LHLabs? I also got an update on the Pulse development on the 5th of April.  You might want to check you spam folders or visit the LHLabs website on occasion. I am still don't have my 450, but I am not crying, but patiently waiting.  From initial impressions, despite the couple month delay, it will be worth it.   You are going to feel however you feel, but product development nearly always takes longer than...
Thanks.  I will be pretty surprised if the stock Pulse is priced at $1000 retail.  But then again, the Concero HD/HPs are the only devices that I have seen out so far that use the mobile 9018 chipset and those go for $800+ each and the Pulse is a combo unit.  Well, then as an early backer, we are getting an even better deal than I originally thought.  A fully loaded is probably going to be over $2500 retail if the base pricing holds.  This will be going up against...
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