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Great list, Keith. I'd also add that if your equipment is particularly finicky or has special handling needs, make a sign saying as much.Also, name tags would be great as I am getting progressively worse with remembering names.
Also, Kojaku, unfortunately, I don't have any mini XLRs on hand so no balanced cable for the second LCD-3.  
I think it was $5 a ticket, cash.  
Basically. There will be tables reserved for vendors and then some for personal setups. The earlier you get there the better!
Too bad, I was all ready to walk in like a super hero carrying it into the meet. Thank you for trying to get it here.
If I still have any mini xlr connectors at home, I can make one for use at the meet. Will update the thread once I get home and check.
If you don't mind lugging it, I'd love to take a listen. I've been eyeballing the Marantz 22xx line for a while now.
Yep and I will be bringing it.
Anyone know Jude well enough to convince him to bring the Schiit Ragnarok to the meet?  Jason Stoddard said that he hopes it will be in Jude's hands in time for the meet (Ragnarok thread).  I would be willing to chip in a few dollars to help defray the cost of shipping it or checking it so that it makes it.
Jude's Ragnarok is going back to him, or leaving him to go back to you guys?  Because I'd love to petition both you and him to let it appear at the upcoming Chicago meet that he has said he will be attending.  
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