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Thanks, Jody. That was my exact setup procedure.
Using Foobar2000 on a Windows 8.1 pro computer at the moment. USB input. I didn't do any setup beyond getting music playing, so if you have any suggestions, I'm all for it.
My Xfi arrived a little earlier today.  Only about an hour of run time so far, but pleased thus far.  Very refined, black background, good balance along the frequencies.  Perfect size, good, understated looks.  Doesn't really look like a super premium device to match the retail price, but so far I dislike all the Vi and upgraded enclosure concepts, so doesn't really matter to me.  Only issue with the device itself is that it isn't showing the right rate on the display a...
Bumping so those that are receiving them see this and can post their impressions.  Mine (Xfi) should be here Monday or Tuesday.
It was fun at the beginning to watch LHLabs for just this reason.  Nothing that they are going through (ie their mistakes/missteps) is really all that new for startups, but man I have been impressed by their backers (not in a good way).  Granted the most insane people are in the minority, but wow.  I'm not happy with the way LHLabs has handled communication, and certainly the extra year I have waited hasn't been pleasant, but such is the nature of backing (not...
Well, I finally got a shipping notification for my LHLabs Pulse Xfi!  If there is strong enough interest, I can bring it plus the matching LPS to the meet.
Well, I had planned on bringing by Bottlehead S.E.X., but I recently let out some magic smoke while doing some tweaking.  I don't know if it will be resuscitated by the show.  If I get mine by then, I thought about bringing an LHLabs Pulse Xfi, especially since they aren't going to be there (a big miss on their part), but who knows.  At the same time, I only have a one day pass and would like to wander around.  If there is little to no security, and most Headfi'ers aren't...
If I don't get a sale of the combo by the end of the month, I will consider it.  
I probably should have asked prior to buying tickets, but does anyone who has gone before know if each one has to be registered to a name?  I bought two 1-day tickets for myself and Tina, but wasn't given the option to list her as an attendee.
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