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SOLD   For sale is an excellent condition LHLabs Geek Out 450 in black.  Fantastic little DAC/amp - better than all other stick DAC/amps that I have heard. Comes with carrying case and short extension cable.   Shipping only in the US.  Paypal gift only.
SOLD   For sale is an excellent condition Schiit Vali.  It is from a second run that has the tubes properly bent down and has far less microphonics than the original batch.  Wonderful amp being sold because I am using a more wonderfuller amp now.   Will ship to US only.  Paypal gift only.
Not quite directly, but the 650 is good enough for now until I find the "perfect for me" flagship. Been listening to the 800s less and less recently for some reason.
I'm going to try to finish up a new version of my Fragglepants T50RP based headphones and bring them. They probably won't sound good, but they will be pretty
I plan to be there barring any unforseen emergencies. I will be bringing my modded (upgraded?) Bottlehead S.E.X. 2.1 since I FINALLY rebuilt it without magic smoke being released. It will be configured for balanced output for now. Like Steve, if a Pulse is in hand by then (doubtful), I will bring it, otherwise I will likely have a cDAC+ and my Win 8.1 tablet. Balanced HD650s and possibly balanced Anax'd HD800s if I haven't sold them by then. I will also bring a case...
Are you joking? I sent the last PM in Feb asking if you were in town yet and if the sale was still on. You never replied. How was that not a follow up and how was expecting a reply or for you to follow through on the deal we had in place asking you to go over the moon?
I thought we had a deal in place for a local pickup in Chicago many months ago. Why did you never get back to me? And why wouldn't you give me first right of refusal before taking someone else's money? Bad form.
They are worth approximately 23.99 plus shipping when (if) they come back in stock:  Unfortunately, they have been out of stock for a while.
Thanks, I might have to give that a shot if nothing comes up here.
Looking for a very good condition Bose QC20 set of IEMs.  Just about anything listed in my profile is potentially available for partial or straight up trade, or I can pay cash for a reasonable price.  Ideally, I swap my QC15 for the QC20, but am flexible.
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