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Yes, perhaps setup issues could be better off in a different thread, but then again, if the only impression that someone has is a device they can't get to work, then folks should know about it.And the GEEK didn't show up as a usable device in Windows until after the driver install.
I downloaded the drivers, plugged in the GEEK, installed the drivers and was good to go with Foobar and Pandora. I have no DSD, but tested a couple 24/96 tracks. No issues at all.
Don't know if we need a dedicated thread for impressions of each level of GEEK Out or not, but for now, the 450 that I just received in the mail is REALLY good.  The Microstreamer I had has a new owner at this point, but this thing is easily better and was worth the wait.  Will need to build a few cables and adapters before I can do a big shootout with my other gear, but for now, I am really impressed.  Makes me unhealthily excited now for the Pulse and Wave that I have...
I got a shipping notice on 4/17 and received my GEEK Out 450 today.  This thing is REALLY good, and was easily worth the wait for me.  Definitely better than the HRT Microstreamer on first listen.  Need to build a new cable to hook it up to my Schiit Vali and an adapter for some of my headphones before I can give it a good comparo to my Nuforce HDP and cDAC+ as sources and a combo.
I got my Geek Out 450 from LHLabs today (finally), so it will be at the meet.  This thing is REALLY good.  I need to make a new cable before I can hook it up to my Schiit Vali (also going to be at the meet), but it promises to be a sensational budget combo.  Will look forward to putting it up against whatever big rigs will be there.   Speaking of sensational rigs, any word on whether dBel84 will be coming?  Last year he had nearly the entire Cavalli lineup with him (he...
Most secondary resources seem to reduce the definition to just being in wall rated.  I have dug deeper, and while I haven't interpreted anything to be definitive for me, I have a feeling that the CL ratings are more for the protective outer sheath rather than the wire itself.  I feel like it would work fine, but I'm not going to risk a fire.  I have some other wire that has a XLPE dielectric rated up to 300V so I will use that to be safe.   Thanks everyone.
Can anyone friendly with Jude get this thread put on the front page for a little bit?  Chiunifi should be a bigger event.  We have 3 million people in this city!  I feel like no one knows this is happening.  
As in your HD650 holds up well in sound and comfort compared?
Nope.  Doesn't count if we can't see wire.  Sorry.  :)
Yep.  Bringing mine, plus HD800 and a modded T50RP.
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