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Quote: They forgot my second one, too.  They responded to my ticket within 24 hours and I had a shipping notification within another 24. As for an update on my Pulse Xfi, I got mine pretty early but apparently it had a problem with impedance and I had to return it to have the board replaced.  While I was disappointed to have a faulty one, LHLabs responded quickly to my ticket and I am happy to say it sounds MUCH better.  Straight out of the box (got it back yesterday after...
I'd be interested in a share.  I'm always looking for well-recorded music. Also, to follow up on the HE-1000, at least in meet conditions, it sounds like the headphone I have been waiting for.  No other headphone has had the combination of light and airy with good soundstage coupled with visceral bass. Gave me everything I loved about the HD800 (which was my favorite flagship (outside of e-stats and abyss) with just a bit more oomph and warmth to make it be a great...
It's a little late to post this, but since there was so much to see at Axpona, the social part of the meet was limited to just over an hour in the morning. I don't think anyone will be back to the room. Several people planned to go to Tyll's talk so maybe see folks there. PS The HE-1000s are amazing.
I had to send my LHLabs Pulse Xfi back to them to get checked out, so unless they turn it around more quickly than the forums are reporting, I won't have any equipment to bring.  I will have one pair of headphones and possibly my Win 8.1 tablet for a source, but that is likely it.
Seems having a meet at a show is going to be less social. That said, I'd love to grab a bite with you.
My issue with the rates being shown was a Windows/software issue.  Just need the WASAPI plug in for Foobar to bypass Windows' control of the rates and all is well.  Thanks to Nigel, a user on the LHLabs forum for the solve.     Jody/LHLabs, this should be added to the Foobar setup instructions just to stem the tide of posts like mine.
It seems like the Xfi is displaying the rate that is set in Windows, regardless of what is being played.  Going into Speaker Properties under sound control allows me to set the default rates, which is reflected on the Xfi display.  Switching between songs with different rates does nothing with regards to the Xfi display (luckily, I don't have any pops or static when changing between them).  
Thanks, Jody. That was my exact setup procedure.
Using Foobar2000 on a Windows 8.1 pro computer at the moment. USB input. I didn't do any setup beyond getting music playing, so if you have any suggestions, I'm all for it.
My Xfi arrived a little earlier today.  Only about an hour of run time so far, but pleased thus far.  Very refined, black background, good balance along the frequencies.  Perfect size, good, understated looks.  Doesn't really look like a super premium device to match the retail price, but so far I dislike all the Vi and upgraded enclosure concepts, so doesn't really matter to me.  Only issue with the device itself is that it isn't showing the right rate on the display a...
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