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They are worth approximately 23.99 plus shipping when (if) they come back in stock:  Unfortunately, they have been out of stock for a while.
Thanks, I might have to give that a shot if nothing comes up here.
Looking for a very good condition Bose QC20 set of IEMs.  Just about anything listed in my profile is potentially available for partial or straight up trade, or I can pay cash for a reasonable price.  Ideally, I swap my QC15 for the QC20, but am flexible.
Great list, Keith. I'd also add that if your equipment is particularly finicky or has special handling needs, make a sign saying as much.Also, name tags would be great as I am getting progressively worse with remembering names.
Also, Kojaku, unfortunately, I don't have any mini XLRs on hand so no balanced cable for the second LCD-3.  
I think it was $5 a ticket, cash.  
Basically. There will be tables reserved for vendors and then some for personal setups. The earlier you get there the better!
Too bad, I was all ready to walk in like a super hero carrying it into the meet. Thank you for trying to get it here.
If I still have any mini xlr connectors at home, I can make one for use at the meet. Will update the thread once I get home and check.
If you don't mind lugging it, I'd love to take a listen. I've been eyeballing the Marantz 22xx line for a while now.
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