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Oooh, depending on the date I'd consider stopping by. I haven't driven down for Black Dog in a while. I also miss Merry Ann's.
Looks like a great time.  Sorry I had to leave after dinner.   Thanks again to Arnold, Steve, and everyone else that helped bring this meet together.
Yes, but as always, power strips are a good thing to bring.
For sale is a Microsoft Surface Pro 1 in very good condition (no scratches on screen, some wear around ports).  Has an i5 processor, 4gb ram and a 128gb ssd.  Also included in the sale is the power keyboard from Microsoft, which has a secondary battery inside, adding 2-3 hours to the run time.  Power supply and pen are included, along with a carrying case and a touch keyboard cover (only partially functional - more for a slim cover).  Has served me well as a primary...
Yeah, I can bring my Surface Pro. I threw Windows 10 onto it so hopefully the Schiit drivers will work. My LHLabs drivers work fine so we probably won't have have an issue.
Looking forward to seeing everyone again. I won't be able to bring anything outside of my HD650s and some music this time around.
SpotHero has done great for me downtown.  
I'll be there.  Not sure what equipment I will bring yet.
I could have told you Pizza Hut doesn't have breakfast.
Thanks again to Keith for hosting.  Was great as always catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.   The HEK continues to strike me as the headphone I have been looking for, but with its crazy leakiness, still hard to confirm during meet conditions.  It has a great balance to it, with a lot of what I liked about the HD800 (previous favorite flagship) and HE-6 in it, but with all the edges rounded off a little.  Not as technically wow as the HD800, but what I...
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