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Thanks to Keith for setting this up, and for all who came and share their gear.  Great to hear the Ragnarok and other gear I have had my eyes one.  Always fun to see you guys in real life.  
We're you going to bring it for listening still?If someone wants to buy my Bottlehead S.E.X. at the meet, then I could give you a better idea of my interest
Looking forward to Saturday!  I plan to be there 9:30ish to set up and go on a donut run if the early birds want to.  
I can.  Any particular type of stuff you are interested in?
I forgot to put it in the sign up but I will bring a bunch of bottled water.
Very nice price for a VERY nice amp.  Not enough people know about this amp.
Are your Z7's balanced?  If not what kind of connectors are there at the earcups?  Regular 3.5mm?  Really interested in hearing these, but my amp is only running balanced right now.  Thought about building a cable just for the meet so I could hear them.
Looks like the LHLabs Pulse has been delayed again, so no show for this meet. I also forgot to add that I will bring a case of water to the meet.
My amp only likes Scotch from the Highlands.
No membership, just a group of Headfi people hanging out and sharing gear and experiences.  First-timers are always welcome.
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