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It is BBQ.  Some of the best in these parts.  Dude from Argentina runs the joint.  I miss it quite a bit despite being in a pretty decent city for food.
I know these are old, but do they have the silver drivers?
If you are able to make it, I might ask you to bring some Black Dog.  Would definitely pay you a delivery fee.
I should be able to make it. Will bring an HD650, Schiit Vali 2, an LHLabs GOV2 Infinity, Schiit Wyrd, and Surface Pro. I can bring my Kenwood KH-K1000s if anyone is interested.
I'm a solid maybe for either date.
Any ideas on whether the triodes in each tube are well matched?  
Got mine today.  I would not call it a bright and aggressive amp.  Clean and clear comes to mind.  I am using the HD650s and the GOV2 Infinity, which is apparently a touch warmer than neutral.
They finally shipped the Blue?!  Congrats.
Any updates?  I understand exams and break are coming up. 
How does it not being warm mean it will be bright and aggressive?  
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