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I'm a solid maybe for either date.
Any ideas on whether the triodes in each tube are well matched?  
Got mine today.  I would not call it a bright and aggressive amp.  Clean and clear comes to mind.  I am using the HD650s and the GOV2 Infinity, which is apparently a touch warmer than neutral.
They finally shipped the Blue?!  Congrats.
Any updates?  I understand exams and break are coming up. 
How does it not being warm mean it will be bright and aggressive?  
Great prices on some good equipment.
For sale is an excellent condition LHLabs Pulse Xfi (dual mono balanced, femto clocks, active component upgrades).  This is such a fantastic DAC/amp combo, I actually have another one coming to me as part of a different campaign (someday...).  I am renovating an apartment right now, so I need to swap toys for cash.   Price is set at less than what I paid as an early backer and is after fees and shipping.  I am only considering CONUS locations.  Paypal only.  I reserve...
Oooh, depending on the date I'd consider stopping by. I haven't driven down for Black Dog in a while. I also miss Merry Ann's.
Looks like a great time.  Sorry I had to leave after dinner.   Thanks again to Arnold, Steve, and everyone else that helped bring this meet together.
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