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I don't think anyone has ever brought a gaming rig before.  I seem to always run out of time to try everything even without that kind of distraction.  It might be pretty interesting though to see what kind of imaging headphones are able to pull off plugged into some sort of dolby or other surround processor hooked up to a game.  I would imagine my HD800s would be pretty good for that.
Did you read any of this thread first? Just going back a few pages will give you an idea.
I will also have a windows 8.1 tablet there. Either Surface Pro or Asus T100. Or maybe both if we need more transports. Logo will be uploaded within a couple days.
I thought so at first, but after several straight days of playing, it has balanced out pretty well.  It is very clean and clear, but I wouldn't say bright.
Sorry, haven't done a real battery run down test as I am normally near an outlet.  The Asus is more of a direct competitor with an Ipad so I will try to do some tests with that.  
An updated firmware is a few weeks away apparently that should help with power draw and Android compatibility.And if people want to use a real man's tablet like a Surface Pro or even an Asus T100, there are no issues with playback at all.
I'm still trying to decide if I like it on or off. One thing that I think I am hearing is slightly elevated bass with it on when using my HD800s. Definitely a bonus. No noise issues like some have had.
Once you start using the buttons for volume control it shouldn't jump anymore even if you turn the 3d on and off.
Once you hit a button for the first time, it jumps to max volume, but then you can turn it down via the buttons.  So the very first time, don't plug your headphones in until you reduce the volume.
And for the extender comments, the one we got with the Geek Out isn't anything special (not based on their Lightspeed stuff), so any cheapy that is oriented properly or the proper length for your needs will not likely be a step up or down in quality from the one you have.  I will be building my own soon and will post a tutorial for those interested in making their own like I did with my micro USB OTG cable.  Check the DIY subforum in a couple weeks.
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