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I'd love to hear it, but only if you don't mind hanging on to it for a few more weeks. It is under serious consideration if my Pulse X from LHLabs doesn't end up as good as I hope.
At the risk of derailing, that is an excellent flash.  I have limited experience with higher end flashes and photography, but I can't imagine a better value.  I use one with my Canon T3i and 17-55 f2.8, which I will probably bring to the meet for some hopefully good pictures.
I'm fine to add that distinction.  
What do you guys think of a "Pay what you think is fair" table?  I always seem to accumulate audio stuff (especially cables and DIY stuff) that has just a bit too much value to just give away (though I have done that before), but don't really want to set fixed prices or actively try to convince people to buy them.  
I like the idea of an open source thread, especially one around home fabrication tech.  I am subscribed to this thread as I do hope to get a 3D printer in the coming year, but right now I am focused on CNC machining.  I have a Shapeoko 2 coming and will share any useful designs I come up with. PS Big Chicago meet in a month!  Trying to drum up attendance.
Dude, what do you want? All listener impressions are subjective and biased. You asked for impressions without reading through the thread and then dismiss what people give you? What do you expect from an impressions thread? LHLabs has published performance numbers if you are one of those guys who needs them. There are a couple pro reviews as well. Buy one and listen for yourself if Headfi threads aren't good enough for you.
You bet!
I don't think anyone has ever brought a gaming rig before.  I seem to always run out of time to try everything even without that kind of distraction.  It might be pretty interesting though to see what kind of imaging headphones are able to pull off plugged into some sort of dolby or other surround processor hooked up to a game.  I would imagine my HD800s would be pretty good for that.
Did you read any of this thread first? Just going back a few pages will give you an idea.
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