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Yep and I will be bringing it.
Anyone know Jude well enough to convince him to bring the Schiit Ragnarok to the meet?  Jason Stoddard said that he hopes it will be in Jude's hands in time for the meet (Ragnarok thread).  I would be willing to chip in a few dollars to help defray the cost of shipping it or checking it so that it makes it.
Jude's Ragnarok is going back to him, or leaving him to go back to you guys?  Because I'd love to petition both you and him to let it appear at the upcoming Chicago meet that he has said he will be attending. is a nice looking one, but a touch expensive.  Decware used to make one as well.  I'm sure that there must be some pro oriented ones that are good quality but not audiophile priced.  I have a 2 source switch I can bring, but it is built into an Altoids tin so looks like cheap crap still :D
I did not swap out the cable since it would have required careful surgery on the headband.  An alternative was dual entry, but I was trying to go for as simple and as clean as possible.  I could not hear any differences in sound between the two cups.  Despite using very nice wire for all of my recables (I recable just about everything), I can't say with certainty that any differences I might have heard weren't my imagination.  
Ok cool, I will bring it.  It is banana plug only right now, but if I have time, I might re-case it with 5-way binding posts.  
I have been using a Monoprice cable to good effect, but have been eyeing this one as an upgrade: I have had a great experience with the connectors that I have bought from them so assume the cable would be solid as well.  I think Audioquest has a 3.5 to toslink for mid $60s as well.  
I just got a note from Oppo  (I had emailed them a while back about demos for the meet) indicating that they will have a representative attending!  They will be bringing a couple PM-1s and a couple HA-1s.  
How powerful a speaker amp do you need?  I have a TA2020 based Tripath amp that I could bring that puts out around 10W into 8ohms.  Not the last word in sound quality, but it is a pleasant listen with decent bookshelf speakers.  Looking online it seems that just some speaker wire is all that would be necessary for the SR-6, so if you didn't have anything suitable, I can easily bring something to use at the meet.
It sounds like you have a defective one.  I had the same issue where I would get a random jump to max volume and some of your other symptoms.  RMA was pretty easy.  Just email the customer service email address and they will take care of you (your friend).
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