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So, really trying to clear out audio gear that I don't use anymore.  Going to make a couple offers for pickup from the meet that are pretty far below what I think my stuff is worth, but trying to book a trip to Japan in the next couple of weeks and need some cash in hand.   Excellent condition Energy RC-10 bookshelf speakers in Black Ash plus a DIY Tripath 2020 amp for $175.  I really think the speakers are worth $250 and the amp about $30, but my desperation is...
Agreed! :)
Well that is an "interesting" design decision.  No matter, I can adjust the adapter for it.  Will anyone want to purchase said adapter at the end of the meet?  If so, I can adjust for aesthetic preferences.
If no one has one, I can make one.
Oooh a Bimby.  Looking forward to that.  I think Keith will be bringing his HE-6.  Or at least he has a pair.
Man, some really close misses. 
You are welcome to join and to sell.
I got nothing other than the normal notification that a subscribed thread had an update.
Selling a very good condition pair of Energy RC-10 bookshelf speakers in the black ash finish.  Sound much better than their price point.  They are packed up in storage right now so no pictures are available until serious interest is shown.  As a bonus, I will include a Tripath 2020 amp (and power supply) in an admittedly ugly Radioshack box.  Sounds great together with the speakers.  Worth at least $35 in parts!   I am looking for $225 net to me after shipping and fees....
Selling a very good condition Kenwood KH-K1000 headphone.  This is an out of production closed headphone that was a Japan exclusive.  It is a very well balanced headphone.  I found it to sound better than the old Denon DX00 line and most of the T50RP mods within the price range.   Looking for $OLD shipped.  Please add 3% for Paypal fees or send as gift.  Shipping to CONUS only right now.   Pictures to come tomorrow.
New Posts  All Forums: