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If you are talking about the monoblocks, those at least have working prototypes that have already been shown at RMAF.  One would hope for a slightly quicker turnaround.
At this point, why worry?  I have been looking forward to the Pulse since before the campaign even launched.  After over a year of waiting, what is another few weeks/couple months?  They ship when they ship.  
Yeah, a little curious how they are going to handle that for people who are receiving or will receive their Pulses prior to the tube output being available.  Send the units back to LH for an upgrade?  
Would only be interested if it also impacted the headphone output.  That's a lie, it if were reasonably priced and switchable, I'd be interested, though it would be redundant since I would be outputting to a tube amp.
Based on current IGG pledge levels, the original early backers should probably feel good about a 2x return if they sell. But I certainly don't expect to see anything close to retail pricing on the used forum.
Man, when you put it that way, I do feel sorry for myself...
  Only you can decide if it is worth it, right?  The upgrades do make the Pulse Xfi better in theory, but as your friend pointed out, we might not hear the differences.  And each person will hear those differences differently and to different extents and will have to assign their own dollar values to those differences.  Curiosity got the best of me, so I ordered both a Pulse X and an Xfi so I could compare them myself.  I will sell off whichever one presents the least...
This is Head-Fi! Do it anyways!
Got my LPS yesterday after a shipping notification on Friday.  So stuff is definitely shipping.  I have a Pulse X and and Xfi ordered as a super early backer, but don't expect those to ship til end of the year.  
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