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Are you joking? I sent the last PM in Feb asking if you were in town yet and if the sale was still on. You never replied. How was that not a follow up and how was expecting a reply or for you to follow through on the deal we had in place asking you to go over the moon?
I thought we had a deal in place for a local pickup in Chicago many months ago. Why did you never get back to me? And why wouldn't you give me first right of refusal before taking someone else's money? Bad form.
They are worth approximately 23.99 plus shipping when (if) they come back in stock:  Unfortunately, they have been out of stock for a while.
Thanks, I might have to give that a shot if nothing comes up here.
Looking for a very good condition Bose QC20 set of IEMs.  Just about anything listed in my profile is potentially available for partial or straight up trade, or I can pay cash for a reasonable price.  Ideally, I swap my QC15 for the QC20, but am flexible.
Great list, Keith. I'd also add that if your equipment is particularly finicky or has special handling needs, make a sign saying as much.Also, name tags would be great as I am getting progressively worse with remembering names.
Also, Kojaku, unfortunately, I don't have any mini XLRs on hand so no balanced cable for the second LCD-3.  
I think it was $5 a ticket, cash.  
Basically. There will be tables reserved for vendors and then some for personal setups. The earlier you get there the better!
Too bad, I was all ready to walk in like a super hero carrying it into the meet. Thank you for trying to get it here.
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